The colors of fall...

Matt B

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-Marbled Orbweaver/Pumpkin Spider (?)
-Coastal river just getting into colors. Just a few salmon jumped, but no shots so imagine a big silver fish jumping in there somewhere.

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I hate when the last leaves fall, then it is drab until spring.
Easier to see the raptors perched there, then. I think this is Amanita muscaria; it matches your spider.



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The photo doesn't do the colors justice, but this is a Crepe Myrtle. It was planted as little more than a twig by our builder about 30 years ago. It remained a weak little twig until about 5 years ago when it really took off.

They bloom in late summer to early fall. Finally, this year it developed some purple blossoms that never quite popped. Maybe next year.

They like sun, so I'll clear some of the other plants near it and maybe next year it will flower.

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