How about some UNDER-Rated fly fishing brands


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thank you so much for this, i really appreciate you taking the time to write out your formulas. I'd like to try out the freshwater for sure. When I fish streamers, I tend to just tie on a 3-6' section of flat Maxima Fluorocarbon and I have no reason to believe its not working perfectly. But I have definitely been thinking about wanting to tie my own leaders for my favorite spring creek.
You’re welcome!

I started doing it because tapered leaders are shockingly expensive for what they are, and my kid was tying a ton of wind knots.

Having tinkered for a while, now, I love it. That dry fly leader, for example. The chameleon butt lays out with such nice wiggles in it, and the other parts add such nice little whorls of slack, that usually you don’t need to mend or feed slack. It’s like autopilot.


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P-Line. Buy it by the spool and dig the holder although the black nipple things are lame.

But it is perfect for the boat.
This Is one of my favorite new gadgets. All my saltwater leader material goes in one. Easy to move from back pack to boat, etc.

I even love the nipples…


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Thought of another one. Epic rods. I have their 580 and will add a 686 eventually. The 370 is awesome but I don’t own it. I’m curious about their new graphene blanks.

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The furled leaders from The Fly Fisher in Lacey are the cat’s ass. If you like, or are “furled-curious”, this is the place.

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I'm pretty sure that you can drive your car over a Pfleuger Medalist and it will still work.

Matter of fact, wifey and I went trash fishin' on a farm pond in the Sandhills of Nebraska recently. The Plueger was in play loaded with the back end of a used Cortland 444 peach DT fly line.

She outfished me. If only I had a pair of cut-off jeans... I could have been the sunfish king.
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Your link shows 8.1 ounces and only 5.2 lbs of drag...its down in the space and features.

@ clarkman; that drag rating can't be right, can it ??
That's actually pretty stout for damn near anything. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it goes that high. I've never really cranked mine down (not necessary at all for any freshwater fish I fish for). I'll hook up my bassmaster scale to it and actually measure it. I was playing around with that with a pretty popular Ross reel that lots of folks actually use for salty species and I could only get that one to max out at 3.6lbs (still feels pretty damn stout).

I don't know if he's posted it up on his site, but the entire drag mechanism is not 3D printed. Same with the reel seat, which is machined aluminum.

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Not a brand but the most underrated and under utilized thing in fly fishing is to use your brain to figure things out for yourself...

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