Is it wrong?

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I don't lie, but I can be pretty vague. If they are a close fishing buddy, I will give a little more info.
This. Before I left Montana, my fishing/hunting partner and I renamed all of our prime spots. Other than sharing accurate info out here with my 2 former fishing partners (now sadly both deceased), I adopted being purposefully vague with others after I kept finding some of those "others" and a score of their friends fishing spots that I (evidently) had foolishly revealed.


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I only share with a select few and even then I've been burned. It's not only right but your duty to lie about where you catch fish. I'll talk gear, tactics, theory and anything else. Where and when are two things I avoid discussing or flat outright lie if pressed.
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Are they at work and unable to get out? If so be kind.

I’ve gotten to know a number of teachers, college professors and retirees fishing the beaches that on occasion, I text and share info with.

The best and worst fishing friends. They fish a lot certain times of year but please, stop telling me it’s on fire on random Tuesday’s in August. You’re going to get me fired….


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I guess for me I tell the guys I fish with. The problem is I know a lot of guys that fish and I sometimes run into them. I'd like to be perfectly honest but that would piss of the guys I fish with, share info with and they reciprocate by telling me what they know. That level of trust isn't something that I can risk losing. I guess if I'm called out about it, hopefully I can explain why I keep some things on a need to know. I think (hope) most would understand.


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I definitely know that they are not secret by any means, it's that I don't want to advertise it and have that many more people going there bringing their trash and worm containers.

If your friends bring trash and worm containers to your spots....u need new friends.


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I divulge information only after several years have passed and the river has changed it's course.

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I fished and told when I first came on this site. As many places that I know in Washington I hardly ever saw anybody else fishing in those spots. But some feel threated when you all mention them places,.

Here in Montana I mentioned where I fished and told people on this site. In my 15 years here I've run into people from Washington on the Skinny water where I fished. I would ask them how they found these spots. I was told they were guided to these spots. by one of many guides in this state.
I have met up with people from Washington and Oregon, and California. I told them of those places and they all caught fish. Some or all enjoyed it and had fun fishing.

I just don't understand why some of you feel threatened by reading about people talking about their private water. Just look at the secret place in Spokane. People have been fishing that river since Spokane was beginning. I just wonder how many early trout were caught and eaten. But there are still fish in that river.

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