Fabulous Homemade Drift Boat


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Absolutely fantastic. I love every part of it. I'm a big appreciator of wood anything but this is a cut above. Is that a uhmw shoe affixed to the bottom? I need a bigger garage as I would love to build and own something like this myself. Beautiful.
Rhinoliner, likely over a plascore bottom, laminated with Kevlar/epoxy. No fasteners to leak or work loose. Bomber.

Mark Kadoshima

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Awesome. You know it's supreme craftsmanship when the closer you look, the more amazed with the attention to detail you become.
Your buddy has to get us pictures of it out on the water....with bamboo rods leaning out of it : ).

Brian Miller

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Considering the rower does all the work, why doesn't he/she get a nice comfy seat like the two yayhoos that'll just be sitting there with indicator rods? :confused:
I have an old MSR frame backpack designed by MSR founder Larry Penberthy with cordage across the frame like that seat. It's an update of a pack used and sold by Ome Daiber; aka “the Father of Mountain Rescue". The cordage spreads the load over its segments and adjusts itself as the body moves. It's very comfortable.
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That's a work of art. If he's as capable as that doing woodwork like that I'm surprised that his wife lets him out of the shop. What beautiful craftsmanship.


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Beautiful work for sure, but I know a well equipped wood shop when I see one, and that setup is not lacking for high end tools.
I agree. A bit envious that he has an (apparent) two car garage that he can use as his workshop..and that air handling system surrounding the ceiling..wow.


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I think I created a monster. Years ago, he called me and asked how to fix a leaky drain under his sink. I told him “how hard can it be, a plumber can do it.”

Since then he has done some incredible things, this being the pinnacle of his success...


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Gorgeous execution of a beautiful "recurve" design by Jason Cajune of Cajune Boats out of Livingston (Pine Creek), MT. www.cajuneboats.com Your friend does beautiful work, as does Jason.

A friend of mine also recently completed one of his designs and has been enjoying the heck out of it on the Yakima. His execution was slightly less elaborate, but still involved lots of steam bending and fine detail work. Where will your friend be fishing his?

I've got one of Jason's early boats from 1998. Way tougher than you think, despite it's beauty. Plenty of hard use and a couple of scratches, but just overdue for it's first revarnish after 23 years of use mostly here on the Skagit/Sauk

Nothing better than a beautiful wooden boat to enjoy our NW rivers.

Congratulations to your friend for going all in on the experience.


This is certainly a very pretty boat, but as you know very well Jason takes boat building to that level, and beyond.

I took a brief rowing course from him on the Yellowstone about 15 years ago when I was contemplating buying my first drift boat, and I got to row one of his boats down the river. At the time I think his boats were running somewhere in the $15,000 range. (More than double the cost of the Clackacraft that I ended up buying.) I see they are now closer to $40,000 (or perhaps more) and I still dream of owning one (not that I ever will).
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Yeeeaaahhh. I mean, if you've got multiple routers and sanders, a planer, clamp rack, a plumbed-in dust collection system...

A super awesome boat no matter what was used to built it though.

Beautiful work for sure, but I know a well equipped wood shop when I see one, and that setup is not lacking for high end tools.
Do not get me wrong he has everything he needs to do what he wants to do and an awesome shop but in the real scheme of things that is a nice basic garage shop. Remember the tools did not build that beautiful boat the man did. Most of what he has in there I have in my work van so I guess basic is relative. He has a basic little band saw, a job site planer, a basic little drill press. What I do not see is a bunch of Festool and a CNC machine I guess. Just like there are flyfishermen that are more into the gear than the fishing there are wood workers that are more into the tools than the wood working. This man is into wood working.

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