Fiberglass New Greywolf Steffen 8' 5/6 4pc


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OMG!!!!! This rod is so much fun. I played with a few glass rods in the shop in Lewiston but just wasn't impressed. The minute I put this together I was impressed. I was reminded of how my dads old Fenwick felt, but without the oscillation. From my previous post, although I pretty much knew where I was going Tom's fiberglass question
Based upon the comments on lines you guys liked I took a Orvis Clearwater WF5F I had. It's 1/2 a size heavy and has a 6' taper similar to peach. It worked well, and i think many of the 5 and 6wt lines I own will work. It'll be fun to play based on flies and conditions. I change rods frequently, and fishing this was just natural. You feel it load exactly at any distance and don't have to think. I did cast to the end of the taper, I think that's about 45', and it would go further easy.
And plenty of juice to keep the first fish out of the wood.
20211015_090339 (2).jpg
I don't know if it's the season or fiberglass, but I had serious acrobatics on all the fish today. 20211015_094411 (2).jpg
20211015_094621 (2).jpg
I'm going to enjoy fishing this rod quite a bit. I'd of liked to stay out today, but I got the little ones coming for a stay.
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Living at the place of many waters
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Haha! Another one bites the dust! Based on your previous posts, I knew that would be perfect for you.
Easy to tell why you like. Just a great in hand feel and loads of fun to cast and play fish with.

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You be happy happy happy. It’s one of those special rods. The other Steffen I threw that was above the normal was the 8’ 3/4 wt. Unless you have that zone “locked up”, start loading the “B wallet” soon. I had the 7’6” for a while and found it tippy, but the 8’ was pretty nice, very smooth. I’d bet you lunch Shane builds them too.
Good 4 U ;-)


Living at the place of many waters
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I've totally fallen in love with this rod the last 2 weeks. It is a precision casting tool, that's for sure. I'd call it a 5, not as much fish fishing muscle as my 6's, but more than a 4. Even small fish are fun and put a bend in it. It throws a six line great for short work, and the 5 wulff is a delicate dry and can cast quite a distance, but I just like that clearwater line (5.5 wt) best. I miss a bit of the reach from my longer rods, but at 8' it's so easy to get around. The rod is just beautiful and finished nicely also.
This dude came really close to pooling me twice, but even with 3X I could turn it.
I like fishing all my rods, there is a character to each, or reaches of river where one rod may cover more situations better than another. For stream fishing around here, this rod, and my 9' 4wt Recon, are my favorites right now.

David Loy

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Precisely IMO, I also gauged it as a 5.5. Excellent taper and loved the rod, but at the time I was more after a solid 6. Shane built rods hit the sweet spot too. High quality and plenty nice, but not so exotic that you’re afraid to fish.


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Tom, I think yours is from the OG blanks that Mark had rolled. While Shane has the mandrels currently, and has been trained up by Mark, I think he's just getting going on rolling those himself.

interestingly though, with mine I do prefer a true 6wt (not one of these 6wt lines that are really a 7), but I also like it a lot with a 5.5 (The Orvis 5wt Power taper), but a true 5wt is a touch light for my tastes.

I'm so stoked that you love that rod though....

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