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My brother bought a 15' canoe from Kmart. So we took it down to Lake Ballenger for a test trip. There was a public launch on the East side of the lake with a small floating dock there. We unloaded the canoe and set it in the water. I got in the front and sat on the cross piece, he got in the back and sat on the cross piece there. That damn canoe flipped before we could even shove off.

So we tried it again. Same result. I swore off of canoes after that. Just glad it was in the middle of summer. He discovered that if he sat in the bottom it wouldn't flip over. He fished in that damn thing for 2 years. Me, never again. Too bad we didn't have anybody there with a camera. Could of had a watch the birdy moment.


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Another jet ski adventure. A friend and I thought it would be a great idea to take jet ski's out to Neah Bay. We obviously survived but out a Swiftsure in big swells, fog, with only a held compass for navigation it made things "interesting". Like trying to refill the gas tank from a small gas can in the swells and chop. We did catch a lot of fish. No fun beverages were consumed until we got back to port. The best part was when other guys said "You went where on those things!!"


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Use to surf my 8 foot wooden prom on ship waves breaking on the beach.

I think the never again would taking my newly wed wife (who never camped before) camping in the San Juan’s on a 17 foot Whaler. Spent an extra night on James Island because we woke up and the boat was high and dry on the beach. Wanted to camp on Jones Island the next leg, saw weather coming in so we managed to find moorage at Friday Harbor and a room in a hotel for the night. (probably saved our marriage).

that same Whaler had an engine upgrade, and while my dad and finishing breaking the engine in, we had the the throttle wide open scooting along about 50 when we hit the ferry waves. Dang near tossed us both out of the boat. We probably didn’t have the engine cut off tether attached to either one of.


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My buddy and I were fishing stripers near Westport, Mass. There's a little tonsil of land that sticks out onto the Atlantic there, with a boat ramp on the north side. We had a small Lund v-hull, can't remember how big but maybe 16 feet. It was a nice calm day and we put in with a third friend in the boat and chased pods of stripers around. The stripers were driving schools of baitfish into the rocks.

We ended up on the south side of the tonsil. That was the lee side. During the day, the wind out of the north had picked up significantly. When we tried to motor back around to the north side, there were six foot plus swells with whitecaps. Emboldened by many beers, we pressed on. Our motor was underpowered and we barely made headway against the wind and waves.

Our friend in the bow was being launched into the air with every wave. About halfway around the tonsil, we saw a private marine rescue boat just hanging out watching us.

We made it back to the boat ramp and getting the boat on the trailer in heavy following seas was a whole nother adventure. All's well that ends well, but it could have gone very badly. Great day of fishing, though!


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My buddy and I were fishing stripers near Westport, Mass. There's a little tonsil of land that sticks out onto the Atlantic there, with a boat ramp on the north side.

That was the first place that I ever dove, but on a much calmer day than you had!
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Floated from Newhalem to Marblemount in a 14' wood drift boat.
Circa 1970s in summer. Came through the biggest rapids in that stretch with my 260 lb. Buddy in the bow. 5' waves at least. He took green water over his head
and I fell backwards off the rope rowing
seat. At least a foot of water in the boat
sloshing side to side almost tipping us over.
Scared shitless. Never again
Attached is a picture of a canoe in the same rapids I took from the bank on a different road trip up Hwy 20. View attachment 299043
Did that same float in an 8' pontoon boat last year. At one point the boat was pointed nearly vertical and I shipped water down the back of my chest waders.

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