A new way to break a fly rod


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I have one of those fancy schmancy GPS enabled trolling motors on my fishing boat. It has the 'anchor lock' system. Was fishing with a buddy who had a hot fish he needed help netting. So I put my rod down with the 15' leader in the water... you know where this is going don't you....

By the time I got back to my rod the trolling motor had sucked the leader around the prop.... no worries yet. As I moved towards the bow to uncinch things I really was sure that I turned the prop off on the remote control, but alas I left the prop on.(some strange glitch in the matrix or something). My body weight moving forward changed the boat position, the gps motor said 'quick fire up and put us back on the spot'. In doing so it wound up 15' of my fly line and broke the tip of my rod.

Probably easier and less humiliating to just say I broke it in a ceiling fan from now on.

Gary Thompson

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I lost a fly rod, reel, line, the works because I left the fly in the water as I beached the boat.
A very large RB grabbed my fly and took the works right out of the boat.
Neither ever to be seen again.
The wise never leave a fly in the water unattended.
Great story, I love it.


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A guy I was fishing with in a boat with an electric motor made a sharp turn while trolling. I was in the bow and lifted my line out of harms way at the same time I heard multiple snaps as his rod was pulled down towards the prop. I said you just turned your 2 piece 5 wt into a 5 piece traveling rod. He wasn't amused.

David Loy

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Somewhat similarly, on cruising boats one option was called “Sky Hook”, allowing you to hang out in position without actually setting an anchor. Some owners however decided it would be a nifty way to keep the boat stationary while swimming. Accidents happened and Sky Hook was discontinued.

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