whatcom saltchuck

i've got the coho bug bad! anybody out there whose been fishing the beachs, if you could p.m. me i'm willing to compare notes.

as a general overview i can say the first late summer push of fish has dropped off significantly. those in the know tell me we are due for a run of larger georgia straight
fish soon.
fish are still moving up river with the tides. anybody know if the commercial guys are required to lay off dredging the river on certain days. (i heard sunday eve to mon were off limits but guys are netting any way) i've been skunked repeatedly on the nutsack as have many of the gear guys-how about you?


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Personally...I have always been skunked on the nutsack...but of course that was by chioce.
I am going to hit a couple local beaches this weekend regarding (targeting) Silvers...let you know. It should be heating up? (but?)