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I used to wear a Capitals hat, frequently, because I liked the logo. Randoms would often ask me if I "watched the game" and try to bond with me over sports. I was all like "yeah man wouldn't miss it", but I didn't even know what sport it was.

(I'm not from this country)
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Wish the puck was fluorescent orange… better for these older eyes.
Really fun to watch.

Last game I saw in person was the Seattle Totems. :p
It is easier to see in person than on TV where the moving camera makes it tougher to follow the puck. Years ago, I believe NBC attempted to make it easier for fans to see the puck by adding video “streaks” to the puck. It was a resounding failure.



Have you swung a fly today?-
Expensive tickets man. $$$$$$$$. I want to see the boys in blue but $300 a ticket! I can fly back to TO for my leafs or vegas


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Go Kraken!

The home opener was a fun one to watch on the TV, even if it ended up badly for the good guys.


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Why I love hockey. Game today.

"Ovechkin was hit in the face by a puck deflected by Florida's Radko Gudas in the game's first five minutes, but after a quick visit to the locker room for a few sutures, he returned for his next shift minutes later."

17-year veteran Ovechkin then proceeds to go on to score a hat trick in a 4-3 win over a team tied for the NHL's best record.
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