South Sound Pseudo-report

Fished two popular Tacoma area beaches this evening from 4P - 7P.

First beach had three or four seals working around, and they were having LOTS of luck - saw them come up with a number of salmon, a few vigorous fights on the surface of the water. They were pretty brazen, one got within 20 or 25 feet of me a few times.

The second beach did yield one silver for my friend fishing gear. Two of us were fishing flies, and our friend was fishing a vibrax, and he caught about a 4 pound hatchery silver. We saw a few others leap out of the water and boil, but no other love. We were fished chartreuse clousers, chartreuse / purple / white clousers, purple / orange marabou streamers, brown shrimp, and peach shrimp.

That was the score for us tonight. It's a catch 22 with the seals around. You know that if the seals are there, that fish are there. But you also know that the fish are probably freaked out, and if you do manage to hook up, a seal will probably steal it. Still, it's hard to leave fish...