Andy and Sparse go to Utah (long-winded story)


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When the idea came around to set up a week fishing in Southern Utah with Sparse, it hadn't occured to me that I hadn't ever met him, but since he wanted to go, and a good fishing partner is hard to find, we set the trip up... Utah may not sound like a fishing destination, but its cheap and its close.

Tyler (Sparse) flew in to Vegas on Thursday night. We got our gear together over the next few hours and headed out early on Friday for Torrey, Utah. (What, you've never heard of Torrey, UT?) The first stop was a little "Secret Squirrel Creek" somewhere near the town of Kingston, UT. It was loaded with Browns, Bows and some Cutties. We took turns catching fish from 12-18" on dries, rising them at will. Tyler "floss lined" one (hold the rod up and let the wind bounce the fly on the water) and then "yarded" it about three pools downstream on the hookset. There are a few more stories that came from that day, but I will move on.

Saturday put us on a large spring creek on the Fremont River system. We both got really good at spooking huge browns before our casts could hit the water, but it was fun regardless. We each lost a few nice fish, and landed a small one or two.

After lunch and a little exploring, we found another tiny (very tiny) spring creek, ironically named Spring Creek, that only held fish in a section that was about 30 yards long and completely covered in trees. It took a while to get a fly through the trees, but it finally yielded a small 8" brown.

The meat and potatoes of the trip was a hike up to a couple of lakes on the Boulder Mountains. It was rumored that one of these lakes held 8 lb. tiger trout, since the guy that caught the last state record tiger told me that it came from this one lake. It turns out he was lying. Let me tell you, a 2.3 mile hike to 10,000 ft with 70 lb. packs makes you feel pretty hardcore, 8 lb. tiger trout or not.

The lake we camped on held plenty of 13-17" Colorado River Cutts. They were pretty easy to catch and provided relief from the frustrations of fishing the other lake. This "other" lake, (the one that was supposed to have huge tigers) was crystal clear, only 7 feet deep and held a few 17-25+" cutts, and a couple small brookies. These cutts were not your average fish. They would sit in the weeds and rise up every once-in-a-while to take a mouthful of size 28-32 callibaetis (I didnt know they came that small either) and then sink back into the weeds. They would bolt at the first sign of a fly line, a cast, a person, a float tube, or even a wolly bugger. Well, after an ass-whooping skunk the first day, we both managed to catch a small fish the second day (small is around 20" in that lake). It was a serious test of skills. I dont think that people from Washington realize how difficult that it really is to fish these Rocky Mtn lakes. Zen is saying to himself right now that he could have caught dozens, but he would have been as humbled by the experience as we were. Landing more than one fish out of that lake would have been a seriously impressive act. I managed to hook 5 that all ran into the weeds or bent the hook straight before I landed one (yes, bent my hooks straight), and I thought that hooking 5 was a near miracle. The one I landed should have ran into the weeds, but he got confused and ended up in my net instead. After I landed him, I told Tyler that it was his turn, and on the next cast, he hooke up and landed one too. And for the 16 or more hours that we put on that lake, two fish back-to-back was a little weird. After two nights and a looong hike out with our 70 lb. packs, we were just about done.

We finished the trip with an afternoon of streamer fishing on the Fremont. The browns were spawning and the rainbows were hungry. It took us a few hours to figure out how they wanted their streamers (slow with a bit of twiching). Most fish were in the 17-20" range again.

Most people don't think of Utah as a fishing destination, but its absolutely awesome. Montana quality without ANY pressure, with possibilities of monster fish in the 5+ lb. range in all species. We caught brookies, browns, bows, and two species of cutts, all within a 30 minute drive from Torrey, UT (a great base of operations for this type of thing).

Sparse and I are now great friends, being two displaced Washingtonians living in the Southwest, and making the best out of it.

Thanks for reading my rare long-winded report. The picture files are too big, when my lazy ass gets around to editing them, I will post more.


Great report, awesome images. I love catching good fish in small water, and the thought of pulling an 18" fish out of that little squirrel creek is mind boggling.
Good report Andy... Andy and Sparse.. that would be one hell of a fishing trip! Good to hear you had a taco or two.

Good work.




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It sounds like you guys had an awsome time. I ran into you guys on the fremont that saturday when it was blowing like hell. You told me about this site and I had to check it out. I think I know which lakes you guys hiked into. I better not say. Anyway I figured I would say thanks for letting me know about htis site.


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Thanks for the great responses guys. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside...

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