Reason number 8 I like college


Proud to Be Alaskan
I launched the float tube behind the scioence building. It was sunny today and yesterday it rained all of last month so today I enforced the not going to class if its sunny policy and went down to the lake that this schools on

Theres a good view from here (seriously I'm 200 yards from my school)

So I go into this cove and start casting hoping to catch a silver and this fish hits and runs and jumps and runs and pulls me around upon inspection I find it isn't a Jack Silver but a small steelhead (or the fiestiest lake rainbow I've ever caught) I'm calling it a steelhead though it was to silvery to be a resident rainbow)

Anyhow hopefully soon I will stop fishing and start skiing...
AHhh reason #8!! I love that reason. :thumb:

I wound up getting engaged to reason #1 (a girl), while I was on reason #2 (cheap trips to just about any where). The great thing was it didnt take alot of reason #3 :)beer1: ) All of this and I still did good at reason #4 :ray1:
My reasons 5-7 didnt look as good as yours (the awesome!!! views).

Nice fish man!! It looked similar to the one I caught a couple of weeks ago on the Washougal River.

Alaska is great! I lived in Ketchikan for a while. One of a few places where you can have your limit of Pinks 1 and 1/2 hours after you get into town.

Keep on fishing (and going to school)


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