Estuary Report 10/4

Fished a south sound estuary yesterday with a friend.

We got the last push of the high tide, and don't recall ever fishing this estuary when the tide was quite this high, it's always cool to watch land disappear.

Less cool, but more comedic, was watching my pal take a dive a couple of times in the large, deep channel ruts that became hidden under floating flotsam.

We saw some fish working around in there, but didn't manage to hook up. It wasn't crazy with fish or anything, but they were around. Just at dusk, I had clipped off my fly and broken down my rod, and was standing next to my friend who was squeezing in a couple last casts. We watched a pretty good sized fish chase all the way to shore, but he turned off at our feet.

Along the shallow water, we saw tons and tons of tiny little fish - probably less than a centimeter long - wondered what they might be.

My pal did hook one sculpin.

Saw a seal getting fish out in the deeper water, some good sized fish, too.

One thing though - I didn't get a super good look at these fish, but some of them almost looked like Chum to me. Could they be already? Guess so... I know this estuary gets full of them in November.

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