Local rivers around seattle and fall city,Wa

I have been out on the middle fork of the Snoquamie reiver several times. I have used every fly in my box, ihave used droppers, nyphs, but nothing seems to attract the fish.
I see mant fishermen down there and they all complain no fish.Is the something I am missing about the middle fork?
tony :SAD

Rob Blomquist

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I had the same problem yesterday. 5 hours of fishing the MF, and nothing. I didn't even see a fish, but the water was so crystal clear, I actually waded over the top of my waders.

Don't take it as a big deal, its just September, and the water is low and clear, wait for a little rain and the fish won't be as spooky.

Try the Tolt, the Mainstem below the falls, and the Sky or Snohomish. SRCs are there as are steelies. I will probably hit the river tonight with a 4 weight looking for SRCs, and maybe I will find out how big a steelie is on a 4 weight.

Thanks for the info.
Its so frustrating to go out and see nothing on the rivers. Any suggestion for the fly, or dropper types in this river.
Pretty much the same happened to me on Saturday. I was at the middle fork for about 4 hours and only caught one. Had several strikes, but all by fish that were too small.

Last weekend I had better luck.

Maybe I'll try further up the MF road... or the South fork... or below the falls. It's nice to have so many options. :HAPPY
This time of year when the water is low and so clear, I've always had better luck on all three tribs (NF, MF, & SF) in the late evening (1 hour before dark) fishing dries - PMDs, BWOs, Caddis, it doesn't seem to matter. Last month size #14 was working pretty well. This month, you might try dropping to a size #16.

Be as unobtrusive as you can, work the seams, and you'll hook.



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