Just wanted to share that I stopped by the Mazama Fly Shop today and they have their breathable waders, wading shoes and vest all marked down 50%. The supply of Patagonia and Sims vests and waders is still pretty good but the Chota and Sims wading shoes are just about gone. After outfitting the wife and I they even threw in a second pair of sample Sims neoprene waders for the wife that retail for $220.00 for $20.00.

woodchuck :HAPPY


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Are they going out of business or something. I wish I lived a bit closer, I always am looking for a good deal. If Dryfly reads this before he leaves for Chopaka, he should stop by and grab some new waders, he was sayin he needed a new pair and all. just a thought. :HMMM YT