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My wife bought me a couple of new rods, so I have to make room for them.

Orvis Silver Label TL, Tip Flex, 9 foot, 4 piece for 5 wgt line. Comes with sock and Orvis tube. Paid $300 4 years ago. Some discoloration on the cork (fish slime). Asking $100. SOLD

Redington 13 foot two hander, 3 piece for 8/9 weight line. Comes with sock, Redington rod tube, Okuma Integrity 10/11 LA reel, 100 yards of backing and a Rio Mid Spey line. Fished last winter with the plastic on the cork. Rod looks brand new. Casts very nicely. Rod was $250 new, asking $250 for rod, reel, backing and line. SOLD

I live five minutes from the Nisqually if you'd like to test cast the rods before buying.

PM or E-mail if interested. I'll try to get some pics up this evening.

Ron Eagle Elk said:
My wife bought me a couple of new rods, so I have to make room for them.
Geez Ron, is this typical?

Mr Ron: "Hi honey how was your day at work?"
Mrs Ron: "Oh it could've been better, but hey, who cares about my day? I decided to make your day awesome by stopping by the shop to pick you up a couple rods!"

So what's your secret?
Well seeing the photo of Ron giving Vickie a new rod as a suprise after they got to Idaho, I would say it goes both ways with them.
hikepat has it right. Vickie is my fishing partner, as well as my wife. She ties some awesome flies (she has quite a few in the fly swap gallery), handles a single or two handed fly rod pretty well and is a hard core fisher.

I'm a disabled Vet and we live on my disability. We'll never get rich, but we have a lot of fun.

By the way, the rods she got me are a Sage SLT, 4 piece, 8 1/2 foot 5 wgt (same as the one I got her), and a 14 foot TFO two hander for a nine wgt.

Surf_Candy said:
Hi Ron - is that orvis a fast action? looking for a nymphing rod with a heavier butt. Consider me very interested!

Jim (aka surf candy)
I was able to cast this rod last September in the Cowlitz. It is, in my opinion, fast. If my wife would let me, I would buy it.

Actually you've cast both rods. The Orvis on the Cowlitz and the Redington on the Nisqually when we were fishing for chums.

Sale of the Orvis is pending.

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