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Great news to find this forum. Been in the BC forum for a while and happy to see we have one at home! I'm located in Spokane. Where are you from?

Chris Scoones

Staff member
[p]Hello and welcome.

I'm over on the W. side in North Bend. The sites been up and growing at various paces over the last year. The forum is pretty new but is starting to gain interest. I sincerely hope it meets everyone's liking and becomes a true resource.

I own the site but if you haven't noticed already it's non profit. Just another avid fly angler supporting the region. BC forum is an outstanding resource for their area and is extremely well supported. The difference is that they have staff and funds to support it where WashingtonFlyFishing.com is a personal hobby of mine.

The goal for the site is to provide every bit of regional information that could save you guys some time when needed. I'll consider it there when most questions I receive via email all can be answered on the site or in the forum. As far as I'm concerned it's not even close but it'll start coming together over the next few months dependant on my work schedule. Quicker if I can drum up some support from visitors in the form of articles on your home waters or ??.

I'm glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you soon on the forum.





Thanks for the introduction. Looks as though you are trying to do a good job. Hope this endeavor works for you.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for the forum; I just found it myself. It's nice to finally have a site with local info. I hope it grows into a great resource for us all. To that end, I will do my part in contributing.


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