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Wow! That is the best looking ugly fish I have ever seen :COOK Where did you catch it? I'm headed to Banks Lake this weekend and plan on stalking some carp for the first time.

Brad Niemeyer

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Nice fish man!

So where did this happen? I've got a couple of good carp spots in Eastern Wa that I would be glad provide if you share your experience...Carp are hard to hook and put up a good fight...

Congrats! :THUMBSUP


Great fish. I'm continually amazed at what these critters will eat. I once caught a 38 in, 29# carpie on a red headed white bucktail jig, daiwa minispin outfit, 4 # test. Took me about 40 minutes to land it. Heck of a fight on the light stuff. Congratualtions. :TONGUE

Brad Niemeyer

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New Mexico or Washington? Give it up...I've never seen a crowd form in backwater carp sloughs and carp are so prolific that no amount of fishing pressure can put a dent in their numbers...

-Koi-boy :WINK
It was on the San Juan River in New Mexico, a few weeks ago. Although primarily known as the "best" trout water in New Mexico with the average trout around 17 inches with many 25 plus inchers, there is a prolific carp population that grab flies with no questions asked. I would say that there are some 30 pound plus carp in there.
It is one of the best carp spots i have ever fished. :YUM

Hey guys, look at this carp i hooked on a bitch creek nymph, with a 8 and a half foot 5 weight sage, put up a heck of a fight!!!


Brad Niemeyer

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Great! if I ever go see my Dad in Arizona I'll try to make a side trip to New mexico... Go get one of those 30 pounders, but you better bring a 7 or 8 weight...

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