Baitfish pic

It is a northern anchovy which was effective for me on both Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlottes. A good imitation for an imature rendition of this critter (found from southern California through the Queen Charlotte Islands is:
White, slender body, about 3 to 4-inches long (any kind of natural hair or Fishair); mixed blue and purple back; wide silver saltwater Flashabou along the sides. I use flat silver ribbon for the head (available at sewing or hobby stores), using the purple and blue mixed hair as topping, tying it in at the nose and over the head. I use monofilament tying thread which will disappear under a couple coatings of Softex. Silver eyes well forward on the head finish the fly. It can be tied on a hook or tube, or as a Clouser if you keep it slender. This is a peek at what is going to be in our new salmon book (Johnson, Ferguson, Trotter) due out in the early spring 2006.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson
Thanks guys, you satisfied that curiosity that I've's what Ive been using to match the bait (and no critiquing the flies/fly tier, they've both been fished and look a little ratty!!!). The fly doesnt seem to be terribly effective in the bright light of day (then again, nothing else does either), but really cleans house when it gets in the evening hours....white and chartreuse bucktail surrounding a flashabou (fat stuff, like tinsel) body tied around the front shank, a piece of the same flashabou on either side, and a bit of krystal flash (dunno the color, yellowish) on top (chart. side). Tied one up yesterday with 2 peacock herls to top off above the chartruese, and the fish trashed the fly last eve (had a dozen or so aggresive silvers fall for it in the last 90 min before dark). Goes along with your description, Les, and the purple/blue overbody. Gonna tie up a new one and try it this afternoon in the actaul daylight and see how it goes over...thanks again guys for the id!

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