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Went fishing the Yakima on saturday with James Mello And Flybill(Bill). While in the process of fishing the river up around Bull Frog road I did the unthinkable I dropped my digital camera in the river. I slipped on some rocks and didn't notice it until I was back at the car. I went looking for it and found it under the water behind a rock. It was under for about 15 minutes.

I picked it up and the first thing I did was take out the battery and the card. That was a good thing. I put the battery and card back in it today and lo and behold it still works. I consider myself lucky that I'm not out another $300.00.

Since this is my third digital, I thought not again. Now I'm happy again.:)

Whew. That's lucky. My buddy sacrificed a cell phone to the river today (not much of a sacrifice really). When I bought my "fishing" digital camera I decided to get the Pentax Optio WP (waterproof) for those inevitable moments when the camera is looking up at me from the bottom of the river.

Glad your camera survived Jim.


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Well I have an Olympus Stylus 500 and it is an all weather camera. But it is not a underwater one.

Jim Another Jim:thumb:


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Yesterday morning I soaked my digital camera too. I brought two rods to the bank with me, left one next to a stump while I fished with the other. I ended up wading across the river to get to a good hole, and I fished there for about 45 minutes. When I was done, I looked up and saw this gear guy(the only one I saw all day) heading into the woods with my custom Dan Craft. I had to high-tail it across the river at the point where I was in order to get his attention. The water was really high and spilled over into my chest waders - which is where I keep my camera. #[email protected]%!!! I was wet the rest of the day and my camera wouldn't even turn on - that sucked cause I landed three fish over 27" that afternoon, one was a pretty Coho.

Anyway, I ended up catching up to this guy and managed to retrieve the rod. He said he was taking it to the nearest store to see if anyone had lost it - yeah, right. He didn't even think to ask me if it was mine when I was standing only about 80 yards away when he picked it up. The camera has dried out but it still doesn't work. :(
I started sealing my camera, phone, etc. in ziplock bags after killing both my phone and my camera in a stretch of about three weeks. I dunno if it'll help or not should I take a dip, but I hope so.

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If you ever drop another digital camera into the river,you should of not turned it on and just removed the battery and the card and let it dry out on it's own.

I just guess that we all learn these lessons the hard way. But turning it on you probably shorted out the camera.

There is a lesson in all of this for you digital camera boys. If you drop your camera into the drink,don't turn it on or it will short out and be worthless. Remove the battery and the card and let it dry out on it's own. I don't think that fresh water will be as bad as salt water will be.

But I have learned a lesson here. Put it in a dry bag and only take it out when you want to use it.


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Jim I don't know if I would trust fishing with James he has shifty eyes, and will try to steal your flies when you aren't looking.

Just kidding he is one of my best friends, and a great guy. Not a very good fisherman though ;) I'm really glad that your camera is safe, I'll have to remember that.

John Hicks
Old man said:
Well I have an Olympus Stylus 500 and it is an all weather camera. But it is not a underwater one.

Jim Another Jim:thumb:
Aparantly it is an underwater one! You just found out! haha, that is a very funny story.



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You think you have camera problems, OMJ...

Mine is in my vest pocket, which is in my gear box, which I left in the back of Ive's Explorer, that Jesse took to his house, that I'll have to drive over at Thanksgiving and pick-up... DOH! :beathead:

Oh yeah, and with it are most of my flies, reels, etc.....:beathead: :beathead: :beathead:


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So Old Man...what's the deal spending more coin on camera's then fly gear.
How come you don't post more pictures of your catches....oh that's right ...well how about some scenic shots where you have been. (PS..I'm glad it turned out good for you)

And Vancouver...I think you called that one right.....That rod/set up was not headed to the nearest shop.
I dropped my MP3 player into a dish sanitizer (twice in a row, and I dropped the battery into a big pan of dirty dishwater right after that, it was a bad night) when I was underwater in a submarine. I was looking at not having ANY tunes for three months, but a buddy of mine that watched me do it stopped me and did exactly what the Old Man suggested - turn it off and let it dry out by itself.

Now it works. I was saved from the wrath of the wife.


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Not so lucky. On a recent trip to the saltchuck I decided to bring my phone with me as I was waiting for a call from my daughter in NYC. I thought to myself that it would be best if I lanyarded the thing to a button hole on my shirt so it wouldn't be able to fall into the drink if fumbled it while trying to retrieve said item from the shirt pocket. Clever, I thought to myself, while neglecting to button the pocket. After all it's tied off. The morning progressed well and soon I was rewarded with a slashing take from a fair-sized SRC. By this time I had waded to about knee deep. I played my worthy adversary in quickly to hand and bent down to unhook it while it was still in the water.Good sport,Gene. As the the Cuttie and fly parted company I felt the phone shift in my shirt. Instinctively, I released the fly and attempted to slap my hand over the pocket, missed. "OK, no sweat, it's tied off" shot through my mind as it slid from my pocket to at the end of 12" of tether... precisely 4'' under the surface of the water. :eek: D'oh! Scratch one phone. After drying, it did not recover. Phone #2 now travels in a Zip-Loc.

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