narrows 10/12


Left handed Gemini.
well there were a few fly guys at the beach today other than myself but the fish were not willing, one thing I did notice was that on tues. there were seals I think 6 at one point but they were all harbor seals, this afternoon there were seals I counted 5 but except for one lonely harbor seal the rest were sealions and at times they were coming in pretty close, it didn't look like they were having any luck either but I can't help but wonder if that kept the fish out deeper, sealions are much bigger and must be alot faster than a harbor seal so it would figure that the fish might be alot more wary when a sealion was around vs a harbor seal,or maybe there just weren't many fish around who knows.
make that 10/13 really messed up on the date


Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
They were just waiting for you to hook one and then they get an easy meal. They could be pushing the fish out and deeper or pushing them closer to shore as well.

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