Ill-Fated Basin Lakes Report

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
It seems hard to believe that this many things could go wrong in a single 24-hour period, but they did. And they really put a damper on the fishing. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time and I would have done it again, just differently.

We started out fishing the mainstem snoqualmie. Amy hooked a big fish at Plum's Landing! But it broke her line -- a bad knot on my part. Then, down the river a bit, the rod snapped. Just snapped while trying to de-snag it from a rock. Yes, we have a backup, but that was the nice Reddington!!!

I tell Amy that, as she is tagging along on a manly fishing trip, she's got to march into that gas station and buy and Playboy. Here's $5. Well, she didn't really follow directions because she came out with a magazine called, get this, Plumpers and Ugly Women. Can you believe they even publish that magazine?

We drive up to the pass and stop to do some fishing near Ensign ranch. Things got freaky in the truck! That kind of surprised me. Maybe we were subconsciously trying to give those Mormon's a thrill. Anyway, we caught no fish at Ensign Ranch and I was surprised to see some pinks jumping around up there. Can you imagine what an incredibly long distance it must be to get to Easton the long way around?

So we decide to get some beers and watch the ALCS at a bar in Cle Elum. Wait! Someone forgot their ID and we're kicked out of the bar! So we have to settle for a six pack of ESB on the road to Moses Lake, where we have a room reserved.

What? My credit card has been declined? Some kind of fraudulant charges? Garrrrr! Well, thank god I carry a spare.

Lenore was interesting the next morning. I hooked a fine Lahontan and lost it right at the boat. But neither of us caught a fish there the rest of the morning, even though the cheeky b***ards would swim right under the boat. We saw Chromer there.

In the afternoon, for something different, we drove up north up into the park. We stopped at, I think it was called Park lake, just to look around. Whoa! there were some huge fins cruising around in the water! And look, there's a swirl right there! I cast out to them and caught two little planters in 2 minutes. Finally, some fishing! Just then, a voice calls out HEY DON'T YOU KNOW THESE ARE CLOSED WATERS!!! A State Parks guy had driven up behind us and loudly informed us we were poaching. Ugh, called out in front of the little woman. In my defense, I couldn't find my regs, and the WFDW wasn't answer their phone and I guess I was caught up in the moment and not thinking. I never fish closed waters.

I make the hard decision to go to Dusty Lake, because it has been fishing really well for me in the previous weeks. I call the Worley Bugger and ask them to look up its regs first of course. According to them, its open! So we drive an hour to get there and Oh no! The gate to the park is closed! You can't get anywhere near Dusty!!!! And now we're an hour away from anything and its late in the afternoon. Garrrrr!

Wait! There's a back way into the park! At least we could fish Burke Lake. So we drive around and find the back way in. Park the truck and rig up and walk down to the lake and OMG there are about 2000 dead perch floating around in the water I'm guessing Reotone, maybe that same day.


Clearly, the Gods are telling me its time to get home. So I retreated with my tail between my legs, happy to get home in one piece.

Wait, we stopped in Cle Elum again and fished the Yakima where a certain creek meets it by some railroad tracks. I caught a couple of beautiful 12" rainbows on a yellow sally and an EHC. So at least the trip ended on a somewhat positive note. Sadly, even though I caught a whopping 5 fish on the trip, 2 of which were poached, Amy caught none, which just sucks if you ask me.

Epilogue: Amy got me up the next morning before light and we hit the Mainstem Snoqulamie, the Raging River and the South Fork. I landed a nice 14" SRC on the mainstem and, on what was probably our last pheasant tail, Amy caught a tiny little fish on the Raging. So technically she wasn't fishless.

It was a fun trip but like I said, the fishing was unlucky.
Sorry to hear about the run of bad luck. But the fact that you spent the weekend with rod (and beer! :beer2: ) in hand ought to make up for most of that anyways.

I knew that some of the lakes out there in Quincy were getting rehabbed, but not which ones. Warden lake here at Potholes was killed off as well. I went over there the week before it closed when they had lifted the bag limits trying to salvage some of those little stockers for my smoker. Wouldn't you know it, though, the one time I go out with the intent to bring home a stringer full of fish without concern and I get skunked. Now all those thousands of trout are probably floating belly up right now.


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Poaching, catching a fish...and getting caught...but no ticket is pretty lucky or at least a break of some sort. Maybe you got all the bad luck out of your system for awhile...hopefully ;)


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Sorry about all the bad luck, but it sure was an entertaining story to read. :) That Amy is a real keeper to put up with all that bad luck and especially the Playboy magazine request! :) If I did that, it might mean not only the end of a fishing outing, but the end of the marriage. Thanks for sharing...



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I don't know what it was you saw jumping in the yak, but they almost (like 99.99%) certainly were not pinks. Coho and Chinook as well as steelhead use that area though.

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
TomB said:
I don't know what it was you saw jumping in the yak, but they almost (like 99.99%) certainly were not pinks. Coho and Chinook as well as steelhead use that area though.
Some kind of smallish Salmon. I saw two corpses in water and one, dark 20" fish jumping. And the smell. Too small to be kings. Maybe Coho.

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
headstrong1 said:
Let's recap: So you're saying that 'plumpers and ugly women' stimulated some freaky action? LMAO
It's true. I admit it. :thumb: I will happily donate my copy to any couple that needs a marital aid.


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#9 just sounds like an average road trip.....there's always problems...but to share with an attractive understanding women is the ultimate bliss.