PowerPro for spey backing?

I'm a newbe to the spey game and was wondering if anyone has used PowerPro braided line for backing on their spey reels? I have an Okuma 10/11 and with a Rio 9/10/11 Windcutter it doesn't leave a lot of room for backing. My main concern is if PowerPro is too abrasive? I want to use the 40#. It looks like it's less than half the diameter of 30# micron. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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It will not be too abrasive, but remember powerpro and other superbraids do not hold dye very well, so they will discolor your lines with the dye they give off. Not sure of that matters to you, and its only about the last 15-30 feet of your line anyways.


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Well I would suggest using gel spun before you go and put powerpro line on and also with using the okumas you might want to take the reel up to a 12/13size. The okumas don't hold that much backing in the first place and if you're using 9/10 windcutter line I would get a bigger reel or put on less backing, but give gel spun a shot and see what happens.



There's no reason you can't use power pro. It might bleed a bit but that shouldn't cause any problems. It's strong stuff and will not break down over the years like monofilament will.

You could also cut off 10-20 feet of the running portion of the windcutter which would give you more room for backing. The line is 130 feet long and I doubt you will be using the entire line when casting.

The best idea might be to step up a reel size though. But, it all depends on the balance of the rod.

Good luck :thumb:


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Power pro is awesome. I have 50lb on all my spey reels. I have seen no problems with my line. Its allways good to step up in reels when using a spey line because they are huge and take alot of space. Look at Skagit Spey 750. Its a freakin rope. I wouldnt cut your fly line just to put some more backing on it. How much backing do you want to put on it? I would say more than 150 yards and your starting to go overkill. Unless your fishing for 30pound steelhead or kings. What kind of rod do you have?


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PowerPro is all I use anymore. It handles better than any of the fly brand gel-spun and costs a lot less. Just remember to up the turns to about 70 if you put a bimini loop in it, like any gel-spun.