Hey Jonduke

The great info you supplied to Greg re L. Washington will come in very handy for me this weekend, as I'm taking my son fishing for his 5th birthday in that cove you mentioned above Seward Park. I'll take my 4 weight, but I'll be setting him up with a bobber and bait (and will likely join him if he starts outfishing me). I've got no clue about what to use for bait. I'd realy love to get him a fish or two; any thoughts or suggestions?


PS: thanks for your kind words about the NFH columns. As near as I can tell, they may qualify you as president, general secretary, and total membership of the fan club.
For bait, I would definitely reccomend good old-fashioned earthworms. Some people out there use fancy and slightly grotesque baits like perch eyeballs, but I think that worms work the best. Thats how I started off my fishing career. I hope the Seward Park bay works out-its usually pretty darn good this time of year. However, the docks at Luther Burbank park on Mercer Island and the dock up in Juanita Bay are always good for some nice perch if you need a backup. Also, if you want a lake that is litterally infested with perch, I would try Lake Sawyer, by Black Diamond. In the spring, I have had 100+ fish days on perch using flys and/or worms. Good Luck, and I hope you can catch some nice perch-


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