Andre Puyans Passes

As many of you know Andre invented the AP Nymph and is in the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. He passed away last evening in Idaho Falls, ID. I am sure that the many people that came in contact with him over the years will greatly miss him.
Wow, that's too bad. I haven't heard anything about his passing, do you have an inside source of this info? His website says he was recently married and it would be a shame to be widowed so soon.

Jim Jones
I took a class on tying western wings at the FF Expo in Idaho Falls from him several years ago. He was a real class act! A big teddy bear kinda guy with a contagious laugh. Good memories...

Ron Olsen

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Knew Andre ("Andy") in Walnut Creek in the mid 70's. Took tying classes from him, and learned much. He was a wonderful teacher, dry humor and hard to please. Always looking down over his glasses, and hands so big yet so deft. "Never cut your tying thread with the sissors (and never put them down), just press one edge to the thread". "Why bother with a whip finisher? Just twist and pull". And the Yssup fly which worked so well on Putah Creek...
Sorry to hear the news.


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