SFR: New digital camera

Just bought the new Pentax Optio WP (WP stands for waterproof). I'm pretty jacked about the possibilities. Anybody out there have any words of wisdom about using this particular camera?

Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
Study the manual and get familiar with all of the functions. It is a great camera but it is not "user friendly." I bought one after a friend took underwater video of a 15 pound Coho swimming near us while being landed with the fly very visible in the corner of its' jaw. The beauty of the waterproof feature is that even if you don't photograph under water you are protected from the uncontollable splashes and rain that can cause major problems with other cameras. Have fun. Steve
It's a great camera and I have really enjoyed it. Great advice iagree . Another thing I noticed: Since the lens is sorta exposed (unlike the Olympus with the sliding cover) the glass covering can tend to gather condensation if you put the camera in a vest pocket, etc. Make sure that you check that before snapping a bunch of pictures only to find the auto focus didn't really stand a chance.

I have the Optio WR 43. It was discontinued and probably replaced with what you have. I bought it specifically because I could take it fishing and have it survive an unplanned swim. And because it is small. I don't even notice it in my vest pocket. I am very pleased with it altough it is my first digital so I don't anything to compare it against. I find I have to hold it real steady or the pictures come out blurry. May try sober some time.

Most serious flaw with my model is no lense cover. Just bugs me that it could get scratched at any time and could have been prevented by a inexpensive design addition.

Definitely read the manual and practice a bit. You will never figure out the features by randomly pressing buttons while standing in a river. I know this to be true.

Good luck and post some pictures. Of fish.
All the photos I've posted recently were taken with the WP - see trip reports. It is pretty complicated camera. I miss a lens hood - too easy to get lens flare if shooting toward the sun. Haven't tried dunking it yet, but see that there is a special setting for underwater shots. The nice thing about digital is that you can shoot away and if you don't like what you got, just dump it. Let us know about your experiences with the camera.
I also have the pentax optio. I have ruined two other decent point and shoots while fishing, so the waterrpoofness is a nobrainer. Just remember to lock the battery cover in place before you put camera underwater, mine has mysteriously came unlocked. Also, I carry my camera in a silklike sunglass bag. The case the camera comes in seems like dust and dirt could get in there and scratch the lens. Why in the hell didn't they put a lens cover on camera, it would be perfect then. Here's an underwater shot of a bull my old man caught on the Big D in Oregon and an action shot from NZ. View attachment 3200 View attachment 3201
Thanks for the advice. It motivated me to spend a little more time in the owner's manual than I usually would. Y'all were right. It's not real intuitive so the extra reading was necessary. Thanks for taking the time to respond.