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Has it been noted on this forum that Winston bamboo as we know it is done? BIG news in my humble opinion.

A note from Jeff off of the Clark's board.
Hey All,

Just to clarify...

Glenn has tendered his resignation and it has been accepted by David. For those who don't know him, David Ondaatje has owned Winston since '91 and is from Canada and lives in Malibu, CA. Jerry has resigned as well and I am writing mine now. It needs to come first so I won't spend much time here. Please don't forget that Wayne Maca has been an important part of the Boo Boys @ Winston and continues to help us while building his own.

Winston needed a successor to Glenn.... someday. Even after 20 years in this shop, I don't have a true passion for fishing (mine is flying) and Winston had made it clear for several years that I wasn't the guy. In January I let Glenn know that it was time for me to go, putting Glenn in the difficult position of finding my replacement and his eventual successor. This summer he found that replacement and sent that choice to Mike Woodard (Woody) the CEO that David hired several years ago. Woody refused to accept Glenn's judgement, and said that anyone hired for the bamboo shop would be of his own choosing, not Glenn's.

Glenn, with over thirty years just @ Winston as part owner and later manager of Bamboo and many years prior, said if Winston would not respect his judgement for what was best for Bamboo, he would resign, which he did.

It's my understanding from those who had spoken to him, that Woody's specific comments were that David should have never kept Glenn on when he bought the company and that there should be no Gurus or other identifiable personalities @ the bamboo shop. It is Woody's idea that the bamboo shop be a factory. Woody's comments to me directly is that he wants to see sales of 2500 units in bamboo. That in comparison to our decades long history of about 100 a year. It's my understanding that David continues to support Woody's judgement.

Glenn is to me the finest man on the planet, words cannot give justice, and I can never repay what he's given me in terms of mentoring and friendship. If Winston will not respect the judgement of this impeccable man, that's enough for me. Additionally I oppose Woody in his vision of what Winston Bamboo should be and I will not support him in that goal.

I was told yesterday that Woody was telling Winston employees that Glenn was retiring. Glenn told me and others SPECIFICALLY, that he was resigning from Winston but not retiring. The details I don't know @ this time, I hope that I can help him in some small way.

Hope that helps. A sad day for me. Jeff

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
I've been following that thread as well and it is indeed a sad day for that historic company. Looks like Winston has been profitable enough though for owner David Ondaatje to squeak out a living in Malibu, CA.


It is truly sad to see and is another reason why we lose the great artisans in this country. I hope Glenn is able to continue doing what he has done passionately for so many years.

I have also been following the thread. Sad day for Winston and Montana.
They were truly fine craftsman, and I had the good experience of visiting the shop once.
Hopefully their future endevours will keep them happy and satisfied!
I bet the dude will start a new company! or maybe join another, like the dude who left Sage to start Loop....

what is the URL to the board you mentioned?
Wow! I haden't heard about this but must admit that I don't keep up on such things. However, I've known Glenn Brackett for nearly forty years; interviewed him for one of our "Flyfishing Northwest" television shows some years ago and still have a copy of the program. It was taken in his shop in Twin Bridges right next to the river.
I really don't see how Winston will be able to build up cane rod sales to 2500 per year. It seems astonomical to me. I watched Glenn put part of a cane blank together during our show and in my opinion, even with a staff of ten, putting out 2500 per year would be a reach -- and then some.
I will be surprised if Glenn doesn't continue to build his cane rods -- and whether Winston wants to avoid having gurus or not, Glenn's reputation as a cane rod builder will surely keep him busy as he wants to be for years to come.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson

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