Chums at Chico

I fished at Chico Creek Friday (11/4) with my stepson, Mark and we found few people but a lot of chum salmon. Some of the chum showed significant color. They appeared to have nosed into the fresh water a few times and dropped back. By far the most fish were reasonably bright and fully charged with energy.
We fished intermediate sinking shooting heads and found the bright green Flashabou Comet and either the green or orange Hurst Handlebar; both in size 6, to be well received by the chum. We hooked up about a dozen chum between us and brought four nice ones home for the smoker.,
Back at the truck we were checked by a fisheries patrol officer for licenses and debarbed hooks.Also, we had not recorded our salmon due to the downpour of rain when we were on the beach. He gave us a 'get out of jail' warning but watched us fill them out. He reminded us that every fish kept is to be recorded when it is caught and killed (which I knew). He also showed us the upper deadline for Chico Creek. It is right at the little bar that goes across the creek and shows as a small cascade at low water. WDFW is going to install markers. Fishing above this mark will garner you a ticket of about $80.00.
Also, you will need to pick up your pass to use the Kirkpatrick property. Kirkpatrick's place sits on the right just before you get to the trail. They have a black mailbox. You sign your name and he gives you a handwritten pass which you can tuck in with your license.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson