Neah Brrrr report


Fished Neah Bay today, morning was windy and the swells were coming in big. Tried to get out a ways but there were some big standing waves where the current of the pacific met the outpouring of water from the straits. Had to tuck into some rocks and do our best to catch fish. We ended up moving around quite a bit as the fishing was slow. I suspect it would have been better if worring about bashing into rocks and being thrown overboard from rough weather was not the primary concern.

All in all a fun day if not physically draining. I caught my first blue rockfish while the heavens opened and douched us with hail. The inside of my boat became a slush factory, the slickness of the unmelted hail and the crazy weather made standing up even more difficult.

Had a BIG grey whale come up right next to the boat (~15 feet) and managed to snap a quick pick of it's back. I wish I had waited 1 more second to snap the pic as it put it's big tail up in the air for us and dove down.

Neah Bay in november is not for everyone, I can't wait to hit it again in December.



ka lawai'a
Whoo... biiiig rollers out there! That shot of you+rockfish+hail just about sums it up-- thanks for the report. Were the fish up near the surface at all, or were you throwing high-density heads?


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We used high density Rio ‘Striper’ lines. Often if the fish are active and seem to be spread out throughout the column, we will switch to floating lines and sliders. Sunday was steady, but we never felt like surface fishing would have produced much.