reels for spey rods, on limited budget.

Like everything else, there are some really nice looking and well proven spey reels and most carry a hefty price tag.. but what is there for persons just starting out in spey/two handed casting and are on a limited budget?

What I have experienced so far is that some folks use the Okuma Integrity 10/11 reel.. and I see that Okuma has a Sierra Model 10/11 that states it is a spey reel.. anyone know about the useability for spey rods - Sierra vs. Integrity model? I don't know if either are a good choice for a 8/9 wt. but they are used by some fishers.

If you have other suggestions on a good entry level spey reel please let me know.. take care, Ron


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I can tell you that the integreties are garbage- all right for trout but hot fish will kill it. This is from experience selling many of them and having them returned for that reason, I can't speek for the Sierra. Check out the redingtons or Pleuger Trion.


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dont rule out teton tioga also. Their standard arbor will hold a reasonable amount of backing and 8/9 xlt or grandspey with no problems. if you are not throwing a long belly......any other line will fit. they are priced at under 200 bucks and hold up well to the variety of fish you will encounter. I have a handful of those reels and still use them.

I use an Integrity 10/11 for my 15' St Croix Spey rod. Its held up well. Its probably not the best reel, and I'm saving up for my next Spey set up. But I bought it because I wanted to try to spey and was on a limited budget. One thing I would say is that you might consider buying something a little nicer becaue if you end up liking it you're gonna drop the money down the road anyway.


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Redington CD...depending on line/rod weight probably good up to a 8 possibly 9. Orvis Battenkill ...good reels and can handle the Spey. Lamson Velocity IV ..great Teton Tioga.... The above are all machined can find cheaper composite reels...but then you get into warping/performance situations at times


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If you're looking for entry-level, a Tioga will serve you well... I've heard complaints about it not holding up to abuse in the salt, but the east coast striper guys swear by them. Some really don't like them, but if it comes down to a matter of cost, you can't do much better for around $100.

I've had one for a year (a Tioga 10, on a single-hander) and it's been a good reel; it's handled dozens of really hot chum, and it's been my all-around reel for fishing from the beaches both here and in Hawaii. It won't last forever, but it can hold its own. If I had the money I'd be looking into a Bauer or even higher-end reel, to keep for the long-term.

A Tioga 12 regular arbor is a good spey reel, or a Tioga 10 Magnum (their true, wide large arbor). Don't buy the "LA" Tiogas, they just have less capacity than a regular arbor. The 'magnum' is the true large arbor. eBay has good deals on them, or PM me and I can let you know of some local sources.
skwala said:
I can tell you that the integreties are garbage- all right for trout but hot fish will kill it. This is from experience selling many of them and having them returned for that reason, I can't speek for the Sierra. Check out the reddingtons or Pleuger Trion.

I agree with Skwala. I lost a nice fish today because of my Integrity 10/11. Okay, it wasn't totally the reel's fault, it was partly user error. Here's my $0.02. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

I've been using an Integrity for two seasons now. It barely fits an Airflo two hand multi tip 7/8 and 100 yds 20lb backing. So an 8/9/10 wt line most likely won't fit. If you're like me you'll soon find you're self upgrading. Why throw good money after bad. Take the advice of the others and go for something better. :thumb:
If you're interested, I put a Teton Tioga 12 up for sale in the classifieds section. I've had it on my spey rod and it has hardly been used.

The Okuma Sierra 10/11 is a small arbor reel with a strong drag (when dry, at any rate), with enough capacity for many spey lines, including a S. A. XLT 8/9. Some of my favorite bargain spey reels are no longer available.


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In the interest of full disclosure let me begin by stating that we do not carry the Teton reels at our shop. However, I think that the Tioga is a solid reel that will handle your needs just fine. The reason that we don’t carry the reel is that I have a personal dislike (hatred) for ‘closed cage’ reels. If you don’t mind this design, the reels have decent drags and fine construction.
A reel that I am eagerly awaiting in this category is the new Lamson Radius size 4. It is fully machined (made in America), has a sealed drag, lifetime warranty and Spey capacity. At $219, I think it will be very competitive in its price range. Unfortunately, they are not available yet but should be shipping soon.

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Sorry to hear about the problems with the integrity, I have had a couple on my boat for the last couple of season and have seen quite literaly 200 or so salmon and steelhead landed on them, never had a problem, but some one who deals them and has larger exposure would probably know better. As far as the Okuma vrs. reddington deal goes when I talked to a guy at reddington about reels he said "Just buy them from Okuma, thats who makes them for us" don't know if thats true, but I can't imagine why he would say it if it wasn't.
Either way, the Okuma, like the Cortland or the SA reels just amount to "line Holders"
Sounds like your on your way to a Tioga...which I think is a good solid reel with a decent drag system. The few problems I have had with mine have all been easly solved with commen sense repairs.
I know how hard it is to bump up in price when your allready stretched thin just to get in the door, but maybe max out the plastic and pick up a Ross Cimeron, or maybe a Bauer. Some things are worth doing right the first time.