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Over the past few years my buddies and I have been putting in for mule deer doe tags to hunt 2 of my family's ranches around Roscoe, MT in southwest central Montana. The hunting is by no means difficult but has become a yearly tradition in which we all look forward to come November. I have attached a few pictures from our trip (11/2 - 11/6). Unfortunetely, times are changing in Roscoe, MT family members are getting older, cattle ranching is becoming a losing business and people in the area are beginning to parcel up thier land which has been in the family and other family's in the area for close to a 100 years. Unfortunetely, one of the family's 1000 acre cattle ranchs has been sold to somebody from Connecticut. They are "planning" on leasing out the land and still running cattle on it, but of course closing it up to any "outsiders." It was a great piece of property that holds a lot of fond memories, chasing cows through the fields, catching fish in the 2 miles of riverfront, shooting my first deer, eating cookies for breakfast with my great aunt who always had atleast 3 cookie jars full at all times and getting eggs from the chicken coup for breakfast of course after a few cookies. Luckily though one of the ranches is still going to stay intact and in the family...I have attached some pictures of our deer hunt on that piece of property and will be putting some more up as I have time. I hope you all enjoy the beautiful scenery.

My deer

Nice Buck in Rut - he was following his pack of does which had to number over 20. Let's just say he was going to be a very busy man over the next couple of weeks!!

Nice Buck running through the snow

Landscape/Misc. shots

Josh :beer2:

Jim Kerr

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Great pics, looks like an awesome hunt. It sure does hurt inside when the country you grew up hunting goes away, I could mention some places, but instead I am always looking for new ones. Anyway thanks for posting the pics.

Shawn Seeger

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Hey Josh… very beautiful country and nice doe! Some people forget or don’t know that shooting does are part of the game management process.

Anyway… something that can’t be taken away are those memories! Great job!


(aka Shawn)
Beautiful pics and of the land and of the doe. I
have never been to Montana, and man I can not wait. I am hoping to go in the early spring for some fishing, then in the fall for hunting with some friends. Can't wait.
nice work on the doe and great pics. I like that open rangeland muley country.

I'm going to tromp around in the salal and ferns looking for blacktails on the peninsula next week. Kind of the opposite of muley country but fun all the same.

PS: sorry to hear about that ranch. hopefully those people from back east know what they're doing and don't ruin the rangeland by shoving too many cattle on it. :ray1: I've read that water is getting a little tight in some places back their too.


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Yeah it is not the most glorious hunting but it has turned into an annual event that we all look forward to every year and it puts a little meat in the freezer! :thumb:

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