Spey casting instructors?


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With my recent transition I have been looking for beginning instruction. My question is.. Does anyone have an inside scoop on instructors in my neck of the woods? (Idaho Panhandle) preferably someone closer than Mike in Peck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
There are two good fly fishing clubs in Spokane, The Inland Empire club and Spokane Fly Fishers as well as Swede's Fly Shop. There are quite a few speyfishers in Spokane.



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Joe Shedlock in Coeur D'alene (sp) is an FFF Certified single hand and Spey casting instructor, if that's closer.


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Contact Puget Sound Fly Co. for their next class with Eric Neufield. He has countless hours of Spey casting expertise and was trained by the likes of George Cook $ Ed Ward. I took his class and it was excellent!