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just a quick note- just got off the river- your all in and welcome that previously posted- I will count and post an official list within a day or two- too tired to do it now-

till then- TL, davy

James Mello

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Davy Earl said:
As of now we need one more tyer ,we have 13 and myself, then I will close it .
Me too ;) I'll be in :)

I'll take a look at what's out there, but I'll do either some pink shrimp thing, or perhaps some high visibility white and pink (or bright) leech....

I'd like in if you'll have me. I have paritcipated in swaps before but this will be my first steelhead swap. I hope I can at least come close to the quality that the other tiers will bring to the table.

Is there one more space? Or I'm counting wrong? Well, anyway, if they's a space, count me in, please!
Long winter started here in AK, so some time is available to spend tying!


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Well,well,well, we have an extra tyer if the group is ok with that? If not,, sorry Romko

Warren? your in and that makes 15 ! If evryone is ok with tying one extra then Romko can get in, I have seen his flies and they are noiiccceee !

Everyone? ok with 16? Let me know

Otherwise, swap is closed, have fun tying all

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