I got my first steelhead.

I caught my first steelhead a 23 inch buck at 11:00 pm
on the lyre river.I caught it on a hand tied chartuse fly
with some glow in the dark materiels tied in it.When my fly stoped half way down the pool next to are campsite I went to set the hook on a nother rock but my fly went
upstream then the 23 inch steelie jumped 4 times wich my familie thought i had fallen into the water but it was my steelhead going crazy.After a crazy fight i landed the fish
and snaped a ton of pictures.

P.S. see ya on the river, that was my second steelhead trip.I had seen a couple steelies earlier that day but the rafters and swimers spook the crap out of the fish so i tried it at night and it payed off. C&R

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