chum in hood canal


"Say, nice bead head earring"
Any recent report from anyone who has fished at either "zooport" or potlach? I need to tie into a big chum before I move east and this maybe my last chance. Thanks.

I'll defer to anyone else who has firsthand experience, but I have heard that the hood canal runs are about over.

I fished (sorta) some key peninsula spots today (Thanksgiving) and not much happening anywhere. Minter has a few fish in it, if you can catch it when there's enough tide for there to be water in the creek, and not 10,000 people snagging fish. I stopped by for about 10 min just to see what was happening. Not a pretty sight when I was there at first light, low water and guys pouring in to "fish" for fish whose backs were out of the water...
Stopped at both spots yesterday morning. At Hoodsport,two gear guys with two very dark fish were leaving as I arrived. Three other gear guys were fishing and not doing anything despite a pod of 20-30 fish milling around the creek mouth. The fish were dark and pretty beaten up. Passed on that and went to Potlatch. A fairly sizable school was bunched within 10-40 feet of shore but between the no fishing signs. These fish were slightly fresher but they never ventured beyond the north sign. There were four gear guys in two boats who kept pretty busy hooking fish on corkies and jigs for the 30 fruitless minutes I was there, though several appeared to be snagged. Unless there's a report of another run coming in, I won't be going back this year.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Drove down the Canal friday evening. Still some guys out in front of the hatchery at Hoodspurt, and at Potlatch there were large schools of Chum close to the beach, like reifelj said.
It was after 4pm, so I pulled my waders on over my jeans, rigged up my 8wt. and waded out about calf deep and began casting a chartreuse marabou pattern on a #6 hook, 10' leader, floating line. Short strips. I could feel fish bumping my line, and the first one I hooked was a foul. Didn't set the hook, and managed to get it off without a struggle. Next one same thing, and it got unhooked easily.
Finally, one grabbed my fly with a yank and took off on a sizzling, finger burning run into the backing and jumped clear out of the water...looked like a big one at least 12 pounds. Made a few more good runs and jumped again before settling down into a dogged give-and-take battle for line. Came unbuttoned when it turned right at me, but at least I had the best part of the fight. It was getting dark and I quit soon after that.
My right index finger got burned badly on the first run when a rough section of my running line (lots of abrasions, cracking and peeling where I had accidentally stepped on it on some rocks...NEVER step on your line!) burned a groove and then took off the skin, leaving it bleeding. This happened so fast! Right in the first couple of seconds of its first blistering run. Ouch!
I'm hoping I can fish in a day or two, as some fresh chrome hatchery steel has been reported showing up in fishable numbers on the O.P. (Bob Gooding was origin of info, reported in 11/25 fishing report in Peninsula Daily News).

I'm going to have to repair my line (maybe cut out and splice the bad section)or get a new running line. Until then, I've got to be real fast getting my right index finger off the line when a fish grabs my fly. :eek:

I landed 3 chums (5 hooked) this morning in the south sound with one of them over 12lbs. A real slow retrieve of a chartreuse comet was the trick. And I was by myself on the beach. Pure joy!

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