Something Loose in the Butt Section

Mike Etgen

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I've done some research and haven't found anything like this, so thought I'd toss it up here for some thoughts.

I've got an older Powell that I love, and sometime over the last several months, a very small fragment of something has gotten loose and rattles up and down inside the butt section of my rod when the rod it is tipped up or down. It does not affect the performance of the rod but it sure does bother me. I went into a local shop today and was coached through the process for removing the metal plug on the end of my reel seat, with the hope that whatever it is would fall out the bottom. I was successful, but the fragment did not come out the bottom and as I listen to it travel up and down the blank, it seems to stop somewhere within the handle.

Not knowing anything about rod blanks in their "raw" form, I'm not sure if the butt blank is sealed at the lower end (as the tip is) but I'm guessing it is. Now I'm looking at the tip end of the butt section, which is apparently plugged with something, and wondering if that plug is something removeable (and then replaceable) and if it wouldn't be possible to free up this fragment by opening up the butt tip.

I did read an earlier post about loosening the cork grip from the butt but I'm just a little leary of that. And, even if I WAS able to separate the grip from the butt section, if the blank is sealed at both ends, the piece of whatever it is will still be trapped inside the blank.

Any thoughts? Or, in the great cosmic scheme of things, do I have more important things I should be concerned with...
It's most likely a piece of epoxy that's flaked off from somewhere or a piece of that plug itself. Blanks are not usually plugged as you describe, although older rods might have been. If you value the rod, I'd talk to someone who does repair (like our own scott behn) just to make sure, but you can probably drill a hole in the plug and get whatever it is out of there. the cork should not have anything to do with this. You should not have to replace the plug once you are done, i don't think. just put the metal cap back on with epoxy.
Another thought: I have had more than one rod with a click in the handle. Sometimes the rod blank is smaller than the hole in the reelseat or ready made cork handle. The blank is usually taped before being epoxied into the grip but sometimes things are not even and after the glue or epoxy or both cures there is a small gap causing the click. It is annoying but there are really only three options: 1) ignore it as it does not affect the rod performance, 2) completely remove the handle and reelseat and rebuild it, or 3) sell it to someone else and let them worry about it.

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More often than not, the "cap" at the end of the ferrule is nothing more than colored silicone chalk. It should be easy to remove, and when you want to replace it, use the same water proof stuff that you use for tubs. And whatever you do, do NOT use epoxy to cover it up. Some epoxies don't flex enough and may cause the end to splinter around the hard plug.

But I am surprised that by removing the metal cap that you didn't get the bit out. Did you happen to see what was in there?

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-- James

Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
Thanks for the various suggestions - including the suggestion of leaving well enough alone.

To answer JM's question and to clarify where I didn't make things clear enough -

When I removed the end cap, whatever it is that's loose didn't come out because, from what I can tell, the butt end of the rod blank is plugged at that end, up inside the handle. I couldn't see into it, but used an ice pick and could only go up about 2 or 3 inches before I met a barrier, which I assume is the plug at the end of the blank.

And I do think Tony is right - that it's a bit of epoxy that broke loose. It definitely travels up and down the butt section of the rod and stops inside the handle.

It sounds as if I should be able to get the plug out from either end of the blank and free up the little bugger that way. As soon as I make sure I've got some silicon caulk to replace it, I'll have to give that a try.

I appreciate the trouble-shooting advice from all.