WANTED: fiberglass pram 8-10'

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Looking to buy a (probably) used fiberglass fishing pram, either 8 or 10 foot, that I can pick up and haul to the water. Will consider prams in need of repair.

I have a 10' Sportcat which is similar to livingston that I bought used a couple years ago but have only used twice and ordered pontoon instead. I talked to the manufacturer at a boat show and he told me this one weighs 125 lbs. It fits in the bed of my full size chevy PU as long as the tailgate is down. Have anchor but no oars. $450 in Pt Orchard. call me if interested.360-340-7777. Roger


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I fish out of an 8 foot pram that I love. I don't want to sell it at this time. Here's the story about the boat. I found it on this site through a member. It was all beat up and we fixed it up. It's a gem.

My neighbor has all of the plywood and plans for a pram he hasn't started. He wants to sale the whole package. If this is something you can do or want to tackle, let me know. He also has an 8 foot fiberglass pram that needs repair that I bet he'll sale for around 5 or 6 hundred. It is an awesome boat.

Try to find a beater and fix it up. My boat ended up costing around $200 when it was all said and done. I'm sure there are other fixer uppers out there.

Email or call anytime,
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