Are Redington reels any good for steelhead??


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I just bought a Redington RS2 large arbor 7/8 reel off ebay for $55.00 total. I remember a while back reddington reels were having some problems. Does anyone have any experience with these reels and did I by chance spend my money on the wrong reel?

Also I need to buy my backing and line for steelhead. What are your opinions on lines out there. Should I go with gel spun backing and cram more onto my reel for the clearwater style of fly fishing I will be doing? Or should I go with 200 of #20?? :DUNNO

Last question: I know there have been numerous topics recently on this but I would like to hear your input again on a good 8 wt rod for steelheading??

Brother, you scored yourself a deal there. I have been totally satisfied with my Redington 7/8. I replaced my 4/5 reel with a Redington as well. I've caught steelies and salmon on it and have had great performance from it.

Line? Well....I can't tell you about backing (I've seen my backing on a chum last year) but I can recommend the Airflo sink tip system. I love it.

Rods? depends on what you want to spend...if you can pony up to a Sage XP 8wt...I would do it. Love mine. Although, I've heard great things about Redington rods too, way less expensive and a great warranty. (snapped my XP and it took 2 weeks to get back...not a bad lifetime warranty either)

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You certainly don't need more than 200 yards for steelhead, heck I only use 100, and I wouldn't bother with more than 150.

With Redington reels you need to check if they are becoming discontinued. When I was looking for a saltwater reel earlier this year, I was directed to the Redington line, and I settled on a Lamson Velocity as it seemed nicer and was not being discontinued.


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I'm having a 8wt rod built by a member of this site. It will be a 9' 6" from a St Croix SClll Avid blank. We are going to put a large arbor Redington reel on it and I will be going to use Rio's Versi-tip on it. That's one way to save on extra spools.

Mtlhead is building it. And from what I have seen of it as it is being built I think that I will really like it.

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Wow! I feel like I need to chime in here since I have curiousity, as well as past experience, with some of these same pieces of gear. I'm a new member to this forum, so let me officially say hello.

To start with, I've been using a Large Arbor Reddinton AL 7/8 for steelhead and salmon. It's relatively new, so I've only used it about 10X while managing a few salmon that ran me into the backing. The drag has worked great so far and I haven't had any problems with it. It's pretty stout in my opinion.

Regarding the St Croix Avid, I'm getting one too. I recently snapped a tip on an old Imperial and ended up working out an upgrade deal for an AFT905 with ST Croix. They weren't able to repair my old rod, which would have been perfectly fine, so I had to go for door number 2 instead. The new rod is still in the mail, but I think I'll like the medium-fast action when I get it on the river. The Imperial was nice, but I've heard good things about the Avid and I'm psyched to try it out.

I haven't heard about the versi-tip, but it sounds like a great idea. How do the lines connect? :THUMBSUP
I hate to tell you this but in the last Orvis newspaper/catalog they had the same reel on closeout for $39. No spare spools to be found. This is the RS2 model only. I have a number of reels Lamson. Orvis, Ross and the last I picked up was an Okuma. I fish for trout ~100 days /year and can honestly say I haven't lost a fishy due to the reel. My $.02. Tim

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Friends got one and he likes it. They're loop to loop and what ever you want on the business end. It's got the floating tip,clear tip slow sink and fast sink. And the extra tips come in a nice leader wallet.



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I would assume you had to pay tax and their shipping charges?? If so, at the price I paid of $45.00 you would actually be getting them at or around the same price. Its a wash and either way I look at it I finally got what will hopefully be a good steelhead reel for a third of the price I would have paid prior to the "discontinuation". I actually bought two for myself so I have an extra spool and a backup reel :LOVEIT .

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I think it was about the bearings and about not to use it in the Salt. Something about them being sealed or not. It was a while ago when I read this,but I don't worry about that. I don't put my fly gear in the salt water. I know I'll get hit about this but thats just the way I feel.


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