(SFR) Best base for year-round SW fishing?


What about the Everett area? I see lots of traffic that far on the interstate these days, so people must be commuting from there to the Seattle metro area. Is Everett still in the "banana belt"?

Jerry Daschofsky

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Gig Harbor's prices are stabalizing, but I wouldn't say dropping. All you damned Californians are the ones causing the high price jumps anyways ;) LOL. Actually, prices have skyrocketed. In about a 2 year period the costs of houses have over doubled in most of the true "Gig Harbor" area (that is incorporated GH, not the outlying smaller towns like Cromwell, Artondale, KPS/KPN, etc). The house I had looked into buying before I blew my back out has almost tripled in price now that it's back on the market (that was only 2 years ago mind you). Some prices have dropped, but not much (most were that the people have WAY overpriced their properties). Most I've seen for sale on my route though have sold VERY fast. Now, outlying areas may be a slower sell.

Teeg, can tell you haven't been over into the Harbor much. You really don't need to go and access Tacoma as much. All the major shopping places are now building up in GH. By the time the bridge is up and running, you'll have quite alot of the same shopping centers you'll find in Tacoma (buidling a new park as we speak on my route in fact, including a Barnes and Nobles and several other small shops).

I'm sure living on the east coast, they have experienced their share of tolls. To some, not a biggie. Key is since they are retiring out here, won't be too much of a problem. They can drive up into Silverdale if they want a mall VS. Tacoma/Seattle. Plus, some very good Cardiologists (and other doctors/dentists) in the "incorporated" Gig Harbor area. Have quite a few on my route alone (Olympic Pharmacy building is chock full of top doctors actually).

I'd actually still like to move out to Gig Harbor. But problem is UPS keeps changing their minds about building a center out there. So until they do, I don't want to move out there. Since I'm working, I'd have to commute WITH traffic to get my UPS truck, just to drive it back to GH, then go back to Fife to rehit the commute again with traffic. I'd rather just live over here for now (NE Tacoma) until something finalizes. Hopefully I'll be able to afford something over there by then. LOL.
Interest rates just went up and go up on the 13th to 6.25%. With that you can expect housing prices to dip. The bummer about moving right now is that my current loan I have fixed at 3.625% :eek: and jumping up to 6% is going to hurt!

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Unfortunately, Macro Economics is an inexact science; in fact, many call it an art! There are so many variables in the housing market, it is difficult to say X event will produce Y results. That, and we need a lot more one armed economists!

There is alsways a segment of the population that is moving or getting into houses in for some reason or another. As well, there are many varying markets within the overall US Market. I have worked in a treasury capacity for a large bank for several years, and it is incredibly insightful. The consumer markets don't always behave like the economic models say they should.

Wow Blake, is that some sort of fixed for a set amount of years? That is an incredibly low rate!

Another location you might want to consider is the Vancouver Washington Area. Your close to Portland and Vancouver which both have excellent hospitals and the Housing is a little cheaper down here. as far as Fishing we have everything ! you can take your boat out on the Columbia, which is good for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Bass etc.. we also have the Kalama, Cowlitz, the Lewis, the Klickitat, the Washougal, the Elochoman all good rivers for Salmon, Steelhead and Sea Run Cutthroats. If you need a big City Portland is just 20 minutes away. it's no Seattle but it has everything Seattle has without the Population. Also we have some pretty good lakes. most of which are stocked with Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats. I used to live just north of Seattle in Edmonds(Great town by the way) and I prefer it down here. We get less Gloomy Days too !.Good luck on your choices and where ever you end up just know the guys here on the site will welcome you ! :D
p.s. Another good Benny is that there is no Sales Tax in Portland.
Well, we're actually looking in the Vancouver area, too (isn't it nice not be tied down anywhere?). Let's see, live in WA with no income tax, and shop in OR with no sales tax. I'm sure WA is thrilled with that ...

I do appreciate the suggestions all of you have offered. We'll be in Bellevue visiting family over Christmas and may look up and down the east side of the Sound to get a feel for the different areas there.


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The Gig Harbor area is a pretty good base for SW fishing, usually you can go out to the sound anytime of the year with a fairly good chance of catching something. Also the Olympic Mountains and cascades are each within an hour and a half of GH, which can provide some good trout fishing. The major draw back for the area though is the amount of traffic on Hwy 16...
Well, looks like we'll be reconnoitering Vashon Island the Friday before Christmas. You native Vashonites (?) be merciful if you see a couple in a rental car looking confused ...