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Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
I'm coming back to the South Sound (Shelton/Olympia area) to visit my family for a few weeks starting December 16th, an am very interested in fishing as much as possible during that time. Unfortunately, I know so little about the opportunities there in the winter that I don't even know what to search for. Would anyone be willing to offer a bit of advice, or at least some direction so I can better direct my searches for information?

I am very excited to try out the salt. I would be happy to share information about Idaho cutthroat and steelhead fisheries (or even to offer my services as a semi-informed fishing buddy) in exchange for a PM giving me a lead or two!

Jake, coho in the south sound should be heating up, according to my records last year. There are reports showing up on the site suggesting that they're around, but tough. Reputable sources (ie r. stephens) say it's been slow thus far.

Nevertheless, any beach you can find between the narrows and Olympia is going to be worth a shot. Probably the two most popular are Titlow (last exit on Hwy 16 before the narrows bridge, south one light, right, follow to beach) or Doc's (directions are more confusing, it's the beach opposite titlow on the Narrows, and directly under the bridge on the Gig Harbor side.

If I were in Olympia right now, I'd also make it a point to fish the Deschutes. It's a year-round C&R stream, and I've fished it a few times to find beautiful cutthroat trout.

Finally, the Nisqually chums sound like they're getting started, and should be going when you're here. It's not "in the salt," but it's close to Olympia and a good change of pace from what you find in Idaho.

Drop me a PM just before you head this way and I'll try to give you some up to date info on the Deschutes and Nisqually Rivers.


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