Lenore Lahontans?

Does anyone know the status of this fishery? I heard that a heat-related fish kill a few years back wiped out most of the large specimens that had made this destination famous.

Are the pigs still in there?

Tight lines!


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From what I have been told by locals up their is that the lake just accross the hwy. was poisoned and it seeped over and killed off alot of the cutts in Lenore.
This happened a few years back I think 3yrs. I have seen fishermen bring in what looked to be about 5lb cutt, so I think the hogs are their, they are just not as many as their where.

Tight lines.
Pete Pilkey
This year, there were huge numbers of fish jammed up in the creek during spawn. Early fishing was very good for some, with the fish ranging up to 5 lb class, with most being around 16 inches. It isnt idiot proof yet, but the future looks good. Here is an interesting one for you.
It is reported that Soap lake has gotten to the same water quality as Lenore. It is reported that Lahotans where placed in there and that they did well. It is reported that the City of Soap lake doesnt want it stocked for some reason. This lake could be another great one, Actually, I shouldnt say reported, I should say rumored. But I will report that I see something rising in there when I drive by to fish Lenore and Dry Falls.
Have to ask the Gamey Dept about it?