BC Steelhead Squamish


not bad for a yankee
its actually been a result of changing hands in ownership. CN rail, formerly BC rail, has been privatized in a political movement to privatize everything in BC. The canucks are pissed because most of the new ownership is American as opposed to local within BC. The new ownership has disregarded the fact that it is simply not within the capacity of the tracks to run 120 cars, they were meant to hold 80-90 maximum. The new owners seem to want to push the limit as to how many cars can be run on the old tracks. It has nothing to do with the drivers being drunk, or with any other canadian stereotypes and in several accidents caused by the same company, numerous drivers have lost their lives. not to mention the demise of what historically has stood as the second most prolific fishery in the lower mainland (second to the fraser). not really something to joke about monk.
Hi, I am from California and visited Whistler, BC 2 months ago in October. I hired a guide from whistler fly shop and he took me to fish the squamish river. We fished near the squamish and the mamquam (sp?) river. At the time, it looked like I just missed a salmon run because there was still dead salmon littered about. I didn't catch anything, but it was my very first time fly fishing and I couldn't cast more than 10 feet or so. I did see a live salmon swimming in the squamish, and there was someone with a spinning setup trying to get it so I stayed away. I don't think he caught it though. The guide was good and very friendly, but I didn't like the store much because I wanted to buy a cheaper setup to get started in fly fishing, but the guy at the store kept trying to steer me to buy the expensive stuff. I told him my budget (about $200) and he'd steer me to the $300/400 reels! Oh well, I guess someday, I will have to own nicer things, but for now, I am ok with what I have.

In whistler, I also fished Green lake. I decided to use my spinning setup though, because I wanted to at least catch something, but I failed to get anything there either. I fished at the mouth of a small river that was flowing into the lake next to a golf course.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add. At the squamish, I used 2 flies. One looked like a purple feather and the other fly was a hook with a pink salmon egg on it.

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