(NFR) Dawgs

NFR Dawgs

Realistically proper grammar wont get you not very far in life neither will "good" grades in high school. It is sad that so much emphasis is placed on these pointless topics in our schools. Anyway the topic of this post is NFR Dawgs as in huskies mens basketball. I am kinda tired of so many posts changing topics after five replies.

The Cougs slowed down the Zags last night but in the end couldnt quiet Morrison. I cant wait to get back to Washington and watch some real sports especially the Cougs vs. Dawgs basketball game


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NFR Dawgs

Romar lost a lot of leadership and experience with the moving on of Robinson, Simmons and Conroy, perhaps he knew what he was doing when scheduling the weak early season matchups. It seems that the confidence of the youngsters on the UW team have been bolstered by those first 5 or 6 easy wins and everything seemed to come together against the Zags. UW might be a different team right now in terms of confidence and cohesion if they had played a bunch of top 20's from the get go. Just mho, ttfn.
NFR Dawgs

How is it really a tournament if it is just one game? And the huskies website said it wasn't televised. Those people should get it right, and that is the nice version:mad: .
NFR Dawgs

Did anyone see the rankings, 10th in ESPN and 11th in AP. As much as i like that, im afraid were doing to good too early. Id rather be good during the end of february and march.
I miss the east coast come basketball season. If you want to see what college basketball is about, watch a Syracuse-Georgetown game. No one sits the entire game.
The zags have the worst record in the top 15 (along with BC), I don't know how they get ranked. Every year they get some great rank playing average teams and get humiliated in the playoffs.
I think the Zags might be ranked because they have lost two games but they were both to now top ten teams. And both games were great and went down to the wire. I think it might also have to do with the fact that they have a player that a lot of experts are calling the best in college basketball this year. I guess you didnt watch the UW/Zags game because not a lot of sitting occured there. You got to love the east coast bias though and im sure your glad Oregon isnt playing a BCS game but rather a bunch of teams from the east got undeserving bids. :beathead: