Wanted sub 1.5lb bag (Marmot Atom,Hydrogen, WM)

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I did what Charles Jardine recommended years ago and just cut everything off a big bag that I didn't need. That means labels, compression straps, flap top, etc. I got my bag down to a pound and still kept the belt.

Yes...my wife thinks I'm crazy cutting off tags, straps etc.

By spring with a couple of gear acquisitions, my 3-4 day pack weight will be about 12-14 lbs. Not bad compared to last summers 28-30. I did go a bit heavy on my pack but found a nice 42L pack with the features I wanted and tough enough to abuse without worry. I may pick up an ultralight pack for the trips that I go stoveless and at about 10#.

The best thing I ever did was change to "no cleanup cooking"....I simply carry one 600ml titanium cup (that my stove and fuel canister fits in) to boil water in and rehydrate stuff in double ziplock bags and eat out of them. All I have to do is wipe off the spoon. Food for 3 days runs me between 1 and 2 lbs. I was able to leave the suds, pots, scrubbers etc at home.

My back sure appreciates the lighter loads....
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