S. Sound reports?


Anyone been fishing the sound lately?

I hit browns point 3 times last week after work with nothing to show but a sculpin and some cool sunset pics. Have any of you run into any resident silvers yet?



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It sucks here at the Narrows, too. A few of us were out on Saturday and Sunday and only pulled a few fish off the beach. Hard work (or maybe just luck).

There is another option, I think. Which is where you come in... :) E-mail me about it. BTW, are you ready for squidding again?
Quite a few within 20 feet. Still others out to 100. Some large sea-lions and a few harbor seals were keeping them in relatively close. I talked to Jamie and we talked about going Sat morning. but have company coming on Saturday so I'm up in the air. Meaning Ill see ya early.
I hit Kopachuck on Saturday morning and found some fish working just at the edge of casting range. I managed 3 hook-ups and a few other hits but couldn't land a fish. Was at Titlow earlier but saw nothing happening there, figured it probably needed a few more weeks.

The Narrows should be turning on about now, last year things were pretty good at this time.



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Getting back to Gig Harbor on friday. I will go drive my duroboat around by the fox island bridge and Fish off my beach. My friends fishing there tommarrow and I will talk to him. I will give you guys a report.
Just a update went to Docs place today and fished the outgoing tide through the afternoon. I fished from the park all the way down up to point Evans The whole time there I saw 4 fish jump No bumps no bits no action. I left there and went to Purdy for some more casting practice:beathead:


Anyone been out recently?

I hit a local beach this evening for about 30 minutes, I happened to have my rod/reel and a couple clausers stuck in the roof of my truck, so I made a quick pit stop on the way home to wet my line. Managed to land 2 sculpin! No signs of resident silvers though. This time last year was poppin.


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The wind was bloing all day and I didnt want to venture out. If it is a little nicer tommarrow and less wind I will head on out in my boat. During those foggy calm days, it was pretty good fishing.


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Fished the closest spot to my house which tons of people know about. Fished the last 2 hours of the incoming tide. The water was a little murky from the creeks right around there. Started out fishing searching patterns and hooked 3 and lost them. Worked the beach doing that and then throw on a dry fly for awhile and back tracked and hooked 1 small fish and quick released him. Then right as it started to pour down rain I was stripping in and I got a real nice boil. So I stayed for a little while longer but nothing was interested. Good to get back on the water!

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