you know you're a fly fisherman when....

David Prutsman

All men are equal before fish
You have holes in your waders but you go anyways

You zap-a-gap flies to your fingers

You have worn flies for earings (unintentionally)

You have been in trouble for spending more time with the fish than your wife/girlfriend

you refuse to buy THE ring because it would cut into your fishing budget

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when you find flies in percarious places like in the Bathroom and wonder how the heck that got there! :eek:

when all of your reading material in the Bathroom consists of Fly fishing magazines and books about fly fishing.

when you decide to use the money you were going to use for the power bill for Gas money to get to the river you want to go to.

when you decide to buy tippet line instead of eating lunch.


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When your number of fly boxes rivals the number of shoe pairs your wife/girl friend have!

When your fly rod collection looks like a bass master's rod locker!

When you and your buddy's conversations are dominated by the nuances of a recent hatch, the tying details of a new fly pattern, how to construct a specialized sink tip, leader recipes, etc rather than how fishing was.

Tight lines
When you have flies dangling from your visor or headliner even after you cleaned your vehicle.

When you turn down other job opportunities regardless of salary because you would have to drive hours to fish.

When you find flys on the carpet at home and breathe a sigh of relief your cat didn't eat it.:eek:
When you use fur from said cat and her sidekick dog Duke to substitute Hares
mask to tie nymphs with.:rofl:
When you simply must have the Rolls Royce of rod and reels but you drive 8 miles to save .03 cents a gallon on gas.
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Instead of counting sheep or whatever to fall asleep at night, you imagine yourself standing in your favorite river and let the rythem of the cast rock you to sleep. (just be careful, your wife may not understand when you suddenly set the hook as you are drifting off to sleep and the big one slams your dry fly...)


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...when you don't consider a trip with the spouse a "getaway" unless you have a place to fly fish. ex.: "Maui? 'Cuz the guys from WFF are gonna be there..." have a complete fly rig in every vehicle you own "because you just never know..." don't consider purchasing a new vehicle for the wife because what she wants wouldn't suit fishing