Swap Soft-hackle swap?

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
I'm in the mood to tie up some soft hackles and thought I'd host another swap.

This one is for any type of soft hackle trout pattern: traditional spiders; flymphs; or other collar-style hackle patterns intended to be fished subsurface.

Let's stick with using feathers for the hackle, not crosscut rabbit strips or other furs sometimes tied collar-style.

Open to a dozen tyers with a deadline of February 1.

Anyone takers?

I'm in. March Brown Spider. Have worked great on the lakes. One of my hunting friends brought me a young hun skin so I have nice small partriage hackles to work with.
If there are any spots left you can count me in. if not I can be a standby. I tie a mean March Brown Flynymph and best of all it's Tried and true. It's one of the first patterns I learned to tie.