Bellingham Salmon Access

Now that my daughter has moved into her dorm at Western Washington University, I will be visiting Bellingham several times over the next few months. I visited the "scene" at Whatcom Creek last Sunday without my flyrod-Zikes what a zoo. So, are there any float tube accessible spots on the Samish River, Squalicum Creek or other Bellingham area salmon, steelhead, SRC spots. I release everything I catch so you needn't worry about me depleting the resource.

The Samish supposedly has decent SRC fishing. It turns into a zoo in the fall when the kings and silvers are running, but access is limited and may be closed all together because of garbage dumping and property damage. Other than that, the only other places up that way I can think of are the Nooksack and the Skagit. Both have decent steelhead, SRC, and salmon runs. Check the regs before you go.
Im in the same boat as you, except Im the one who just moved up here. Im going to Whatcom CC though. I too checked out Whatcom creek and it looked a snagfest, but there were alot of fish jumping. Email me next time you come up and we can hit the water, I should have my drift boat built by the middle of next month. And if your daughter needs someone to take her fishing....
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Go to the North or South Forks of the Nooksack, that's the closest fishing to Bellingham that was good fly waters. The skagit is also good, but it's a longer drive from B'ham. Squalicum lake is fly fishing only and no more than 15 min from town. It has browns, rainbows, and cutts. Not huge fish, but pleny of them