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There are quite a few new members registering daily now and many that have not posted yet. Take a second to introduce yourself here.

Fyi - This thread is for intro's only. Keep the chatter offline or on another thread.




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Hey all. Like many others I'm new to the site. I once lived it the great NW but am now stuck in the mid-west. I've been lurking about the site a bit, longing for the days of OP chromers and warm Yakima spring days. Not much fishing going on right now out here unless you like dropping maggots down a 4" hole of ice (not my idea of fun). January is the opener of the C&R season for WI and southeast MN. Can't wait. So in the mean time I'll tie flies, clean gear, and dream of the rivers out in WA. Oh, and I'll try to post once in a while.


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Seasons Greetings, just like to take this moment to say hello and how much I enjoy coming to the site for info on the fishing, flytying and the politics. I am a transplant from CA and glad I made the move.

Hi! I've enjoyed this site and its lively banter since soon after Chris started it up, but haven't posted before (and probalby won't post much).

I lived in the Rocky Mt states before moving to Seattle about 10 years ago to take a job at UW. About the same time I traded mountain climbing for fly fishing, as the mountains seemed to keep getting higher every year. Now I find I can return to places I love and see them with new eyes (looking down instead of up).

I mostly fish the Yak in the spring and fall, mountain streams in the summer (and the Cedar the past couple of years), and practice futility a few times each winter searching for the elusive steelhead. I return to the northern Rockies for vacation every year, usually in September.

I've corresponded with Chris a couple of time and have contributed when there has been a call for support. I think it is a great site and you all deserve a lot of credit for making it so.

Dick Olmstead


Hi Everybody,
My name Gordon Macleod, i live in the Highlands of Scotland ,live near and work on the River Spey, i Ghillie/guide on the River Spey and have done so for more years than i care to think of.
Love the site, as i fish and spend a lot of time fishing over that side of the pond. hope to be back over in a couple of months (boss does'nt know yet).
Cheers Gordon (speyghillie).


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Chuck aka Minx

Hey y'all, stumbled into the site on a web search for "stimulator dry fly". My real name is chuck, the cyber name came from my 24' Albemarle I used to fish offshore along the VA/NC coasts. Bottom line: I'd fish in a sewer with a paperclip if I thought I could catch fish. I fish flyrods in both freshwater for trout and saltwater for striped bass. I've been tying flies for about 6 or 7 years now, nothing more satisfying than having a big brown crush one of my sculpin patterns or a mess of schoolie rocks drive my latest Leftie Deceiver outta the water. I live here in VA, near Williamsburg, two hours from the mountains, 5 minutes to the Cheaspeake Bay, an hour to the Atlantic.....if it swims, I'm game ;)


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This is a great site, I've been lurking for awhile now. I was born in The Willapa Valley and raised in Seattle, I have been around fishing and hunting my whole life. I have been doing the fly thing for about five years but I only get out two or three times a year. Since I can't get out much, this Site is a great place to visit. Most importantly I have been able to voice my opinion (through email) on a few issues I would not have know about if it wasn't for this site.

Thank you for the great site.


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:beer1: Hey all, I have just joined the forum. I look forward to chatting with you all. Hope you are all ready for this Christmas holiday. I am a full time professional fishing guide and have done so for this going to be my 16th year. When I find the time, I like to read posts that interest me. This being my slowest time of the year allows me to do so. My favorite thing to do is fly fish although I fish other ways (Have to make a living) but by far my favorite is fly fishing. A toast for fly fisherman everywere!


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the little box at the top of the page says i've never posted and now would be a good time. so be it. i have enjoyed the banter here for a couple of seasons. with the likes of salmo g., gordon and uncle jimmy telling it like it is, how it should be, and how it was up around the bend, well, this cracker doesn't have much to add. all of that plus limited communication and computer skills make posting a painful process for me. oh well, a short fishing report from today.

the home water was well up in to the trees and and all the local big rivers were out also, so when my fishing partner showed up this morning in a driving rain it was hard to generate much enthusiasm for fishing. good day for a drive, check out the coast and just maybe find a fishable creek and forget for a while the mean season upon us. crossed several severely muddy streams and expected the same for brush creek. looked off the bridge and surprise, low and clear compared to the other half dozen streams we had visited. pulled in to the empty parking area and put our fishing costumes on. toasted our recently departed friend ernie with a "petri heil" and hit the trail with a growing sense of excitement. creek is now exhibiting some color and a little debris floating down, a fish rolls, first cast is made and "fish on", steelhead fresh from the sea. ultimately the fish fell off the hook and the creek turned to mud. not the most productive day, but not a total loss, bent rod, pounding surf, watched a snowy owl in flight and a peregrine diving on a shore bird. not bad at all considering the experts and the instincts said it would have been a good day to stay at home.
anyways, hello to the group, perhaps we'll cross paths along the stream someday,
juwels werm


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Greetings to all,
The name is Raúl Hirsch, been around the NW since ’78 & probably my ashes will be spread around here when all is said & done. Always will feel like a ‘newbie’ in anything I do & hit w/ gusto anything I like (fly-fishing/Alfa Romeos/art/Architecture/women/travel/kayaks in no particular order). Thank you for letting me participate (when I can).
‘Charapa’ is NE (Amazon rain forest) Peruvian Spanish slang for ‘turtle’ where I was born way too long ago.


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Shoot, Chris caught me. I have been stalking the site for a long time, but have never posted before today. I don't do chat rooms, blogs, etc. as a rule. Plus, you guys argue so much that I'm afraid I'd offend with some of my own highly opinionated commentary.

Anyway, I'm Tom and I've lived in Seattle for 6 years. I grew up gear fishing (a lot) with my dad and friends in the Midwest. I worshipped Al Lindner throughout my youth, but I'm over that now. I've flyfished for ~15 years now and I can't remember touching the gear since then - not that there's anything wrong with gear. IMO, it's not the type of fishing you do that matters, it's how you understand and respect nature that matters. Jeez, 6 years in Seattle and I sound like a hippie. I'll stop now...

- Tom the Lugan


Hi James,
Yes its me on the other site as well, like the look of this one better since i came across it, with it had a Spey forum, maybe it has, i also have worked and taught at a trout fishery for 20yrs, so like fishing fly double or single handed, this site helps me cause i'm over in Washington in a couple of months to meet up with a couple of guy's, little bit of testing rods, and a beer or three.
Will try not and post the same things,don't want to bore everybody to death, about Speycasting and the history of, will stick to the single hander and listen and learn.
Hope every body has a great xmas and new year.

David Butterfield

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I have been looking around this site for a long time and finally I guess it is time to post. This is my only kind of fishing that I get to look at. Between school and work I don't get much time to fishing. I have only been fly fishing for a couple of years. I look forward to gaining the knowledge and insight of the fellow members of this site. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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How does a registered user, put his information on the members list? Thanks for your time in telling me how to.


(chris : By posting a few times. Otherwise, it just gets cluttered with those who drop by only to use the classifieds once.)


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Greetings from Vancouver. My name is Bob, and my wife and I relocated from the bay area when I (sorta) retired. In my youth I fished in the Sierras (dry flies with my Dad), and in the delta for panfish (worms with my grandpa). Up here I resisted the steelhead idea for about six months, but finally broke down when someone told me there were no trout in the EFL below Lewisville park. So I'm now trying my luck with 8 wt. single-handed rods (St. Croix Imperial and Fenwick 858) and tying some steelhead flies. So far I've been out about 12 times and really enjoying the scenery. Fish may eventually come in the picture :eek: I'm hoping my cousin will come to visit. If he does, then we'll schedule a guide for the day on the EFL. I could always use a little coaching with casting and reading the water.

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