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Hey everyone,

In the process of moving back to the PNW and will be living in Seattle by Jan 2012. I've fished since I was 4 years old, picked up a fly rod about 7 years ago but didn't really start working on it until about 3 years ago. I've spent the last 3 years fishing small creeks in Southern CA, the east and west sides of the Sierras, and a bit of backpacking waters as well. From opportunistic creek fish to picky size #24 eaters, trout fishing on the fly has been a blast. I also took up fishing the surf and love how quick, easy, and relaxing it can be, and you never know what you're going to hook. I like fishing dries as much as humanly possible and I cringe at the site of an indicator, although nymphing on technical waters can be quite rewarding. I also love pulling streamers and getting that reaction bite and feeling the jolt through the fly line when the fly gets hammered.

I grew up gear fishing saltwater, but turned to fly fishing since it was much cheaper (for trips, not gear), didn't require a boat, and is a whole new adventure. I still try to jump on a long range trip out of San Diego every now and then, but it gets expensive. I also went through a largemouth bass fishing phase, but trout has taking the top priority.

I'm excited to return to Seattle with more flyfishing experience and I'm looking forward to creek fish and fishing the sound. I'm also hoping to get into spey fishing and am bracing myself for the steep learning curve I'm in for.
Hello -

I was born in Allegheny mountains of northwestern Pennsylvania in 1946 and raised on fishing for trout. I began tying flies when I was 10 years old, and caught my first trout on one of them soon afterwards. In the years that followed, I worked hard, traveled much, and played some team sports well into middle life, but was never far away from cold, free flowing waters and rising fish.

I made the first of many fishing trips to the NW US in 1976, and after I was able to retire early from a corporate career some 11 years ago, knew that was where I wanted to spend much of my remaining lifetime. The first several years following my retirement, my wife and I were vagabonds each summer and fall moving about the NW US and Canada while I chased trout and salmon, and then we returned to PA for the winter where I fished for lake-run trout coming into the rivers from the Great Lakes.

For the past 6-7 years, we have settled down a bit, and now spend our summers (mid-May to early October) on the Yellowstone River about 35 miles north of Yellowstone Park, where I have trout rising daily just 30 feet from my doorstep. You can find me fishing there almost every day then, or nearby in SW MT, or perhaps in ID or WY, where ever there are reports or dreams of trout to be caught.

Some say there are 3 stages of a fisherman's life. First it's getting the most fish, next it's the biggest, and finally it's success with the most difficult ones to catch. In life as in fishing we often measure our success with whether we have the most, the biggest, or have overcome the most difficult obstacles. I believe, however, there are actually 4 stages to a fisherman's life, and that's the stage I'm now in.

Today, my greatest satisfaction comes not from catching the most, the biggest or the most difficult, but from sharing my time and knowledge and taking other people fishing.

So, if you were to find me there this coming summer, chances are that I'll be rowing my boat down a river while a couple friends are doing most of the fishing, and having more fun than I've ever had, and yelling like a teenager whenever one of them gets a nice fish.



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Hello everyone my name is Anthony I live in Spokane valley. Just started fishing and fly fishing in April. I have been really enjoying my time on and in the water. Hope to learn some good stuff here, and add what I can.


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Howdy, my name is Alex and I am from Texas. I came up to PACNORWEST by way of the Navy. I have done a little fly fishing in Texas and around Colorado but never seriously. I grew up hammering large mouth bass with a bait cast reels, heavy rods, and plastic worms.

Last summer I booked a trip with Waters West to get back into fly fishing with some one on one instruction and maybe a chance at a fish. After that I poked around the Quileute river system and a little bit on some of the rivers on the Hood canal side of the OP. I was fishing for cutthroats and native rainbows. I messed around on the beaches some too but have thus far not had much success.

In February, I decided to throw down for a float trip with waters west and see what this steelhead thing was all about.

I got lucky and caught this fish nymphing. I also got my hands on a Spey rod. After that trip I was hooked. I picked up a Beulah spey rod and now I cannot get enough.

Anyway, I try to make it out to OP as much as possible! I registered to learn as much as possible. If anyone wants to car pool, let me know!
Hey Y'all ,
New to the forums, been fishing all my life but lost touch with it. Got re-invigorated and decided to look into Fly fishing and was directed here by friends at cascadeclimbers.com. Looking to learn a ton and slowly immerse myself into the culture. I am a climber and that part in me loves the technical aspect of fly fishing and the naturalist in me savors the chance to find places to zone out and get the zen aspect of fishing. It's all good stuff.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to say "Hi". Just joined up a couple of weeks ago. Started fly fishing again after a 30 year hiatus. I'm looking to relocate on one of the islands. I'm in the process of jumping through the hoops for a job. I just really need to get out of CA and all the crap.

I'm heading to WA for an extended weekend and I'm bring the rod and reel with me for the first time. I'm going to hit a couple of lakes and I was wondering is anyone could suggest what dry flies I should be picking up. I'll also check out what insects are about.

Thanks for the great web site.


William Fifield

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Hey all,

Will Fifield here. I'm new to this forum and new to fly fishing. I'm climbing the steep part of the learning curve this season. I'm sure I'm nowhere near feeling like I have a handle on things, but it's got lessons that seem to carry over into other areas in my life. I used to fish some each season with bait, but this year I've been smitten with fly fishing. Not sure why, and it's sort of curious to me. I mean, why at 49? But I'm glad it's happened because it's transformed my own "backyard" into a real playground. I get out and enjoy the beauty around me a lot these days.I think that does something to me spiritually. Niel Young says a walk in the woods is like going to church for him, I'd say it's better than going to church for me. Fish, and so much of nature, is a bridge that carries me to a much more meaningful reality.

I grew up in So. Cal. occasionally gear fishing. Had lot of fun trout fishing in remote mountain streams with nothing but a cane pole and salmon eggs as a kid. Caught loads of trout that way. The only hard part was trying not to be seen. That sneakiness carries over to this sport, but it's more physically more challenging now.

I've really enjoyed this forum.
Hello folks, I just bought my first fly rod over the summer from wal mart to do some fishing at some lakes while on leave back in Arizona. And though I couldn't really cast too far I did far better than I could've imagined. I caught more fish I ever have and have been hooked ever since. Now I have upgraded to a better rod, I am loving it even more. I now live in lacey, wa, (military air force) and fishing surround rivers and lakes. It's a big learning curve also as I never have fished rivers before but none the less still out there giving it my best. I have enjoyed reading all the post and learning all I can from you fellow fishermen. Thanks for all the info. And look forward to seeing you guys out there, thanks...

Arsonio Arthur

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My name is new but I'm not. My lap top is in the hospital and I'm coming to you all from my wife's computer. I hope to get my lap top out soon as working with this computer is driving me nuts. I hate wasting my posts on this damn name. 10 so far.


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My name is new but I'm not. My lap top is in the hospital and I'm coming to you all from my wife's computer. I hope to get my lap top out soon as working with this computer is driving me nuts. I hate wasting my posts on this damn name. 10 so far.
Holy shit. You do know you can use your old account on a different computer right?

All you have to do is go to the library. Check in the old account card you printed out when you signed up and get a new one.
Hi everyone,

My name is Kyle and I just started fly fishing in May '13. I've lived in Centralia, WA since 2009 but I'm from Binghamton, NY. My uncle took me fishing for the first time when I went home to visit in May, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I've only been out 3 times since I've started but I really enjoy going out and wading on the water and just forgetting about work and school. I'm eager to learn more about this sport and I'm glad I stumbled upon this site.

I went gear fishing when I was really young. Actually, I was so young and did it only once or twice that I can almost say that I didn't even do it. I'm not sure what I can bring to this site as far as knowledge but it seems as though there's plenty of it on here. I like to woodwork which keeps me busy but I've learned that fly fishing will get me out of the garage.
Hello to everyone,

My name is Igor. I am from Montenegro, live in Podgorica.
I used to fly fishing a few years ago, as well as in fly tying.
I would like to share experience with all of you regarding this amazing sport.
Especially, I would like to share with you pics, stories, memorable moments and experience born in Montenegro's rivers.



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